Switzerland to block non-licensed gambling sites in the country

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The official legislative bodies of Switzerland will only discuss in the future the taxation polices concerning domestic gambling sites

A measure according to which non-licensed gambling sites in Switzerland will be blocked in future was yesterday voted by the Swiss parliament. For blocking the gambling sites without Swiss license will be responsible directly the internet providers. The Upper House of the Parliament has approved of the proposal for blocking earlier in February while on Wednesday the Hourse of Representatives gave also their green light for the operational aspects ofthis proposal, report online gambling sites in Switzerland.

Blocking becomes the most popular measure for protection of domestic providers

According to Thierry Burkart, member of the centre-right Radical Party, blocking websites has showed in many countries that it can function as an effective measure for protection of domestic operators. However, there are many proves that this is not really the case. Needles to talk about the censure that this kind of measures imply.

This points were raised mainly by the Greens and the Swiss People’s Party in the parliamentary discussion. These were the only parties that opposed the proposal for blocking the domains of foreign gambling websites. As gambling news report, Franz Grütter, a representative of the Swiss People’s Party, stated that this decision is proper to “what dictatorships do and that “blocking isn’t in step with the liberal, democratic way of thinking.” The debate will continue by the middle of March, but only on the topic whether the winnings should be free of taxes or not.

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