Taiwanese Matsu Islands Casino Resort Construction Stalled

Posted: July 16, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

Taiwanese government isn’t too enthusiastic about a new casino resort planned for Matsu island group.

Weidner Resorts is the developer behind the idea of a casino resort on the Taiwanese Matsu islands. The planned resort would be operating in full compliance with Taiwanese gambling laws, if it’s to be built, of course.

Last week Matsu residents took to the polls in a referendum, which fully approved the casino construction plans. Yet, this is where the Taiwan’s central government comes in to spoil the day. The officials say they still need to pass legislation in order to lift a ban on casino resorts.

The developer notes that such legislation could be passed within 18 months, but now some heads of Taiwanese ministries are starting to say that Matsu region may not be the best territory for such a project.

This brings the current state of things to the same confused situation the online casinos in Taiwan are in now. Not legal, but neither forbidden, these establishments operate at their own risk, where government has the right to shut them at will.

Back to the casino resort, Weidner even promised Taiwanese government to reach deep into its pockets in order to build all the required infrastructure supporting the Matsu casino. An airport and a causeway between the islands of Beigian and Nangang have been mentioned in the plans. The government answered by says that supplying the region with power and water would still be relying on government subsidies.

Taiwan gambling news shared an opinion that the government is trying to compel Weidner to commit to building the country’s first tidal power plant and a water desalination facility. Weidner in turn suggested that any subsidies the government gives will yield a 130 percent return.

Simply speaking both parties really want to build the resort, however, both want to do it with the other party’s funds.

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