Taiwanese Online Gambling Ring Busted by Local Authorities

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Joined efforts of the Taiwanese and Chinese police forces lead to the annihilation of an online gambling ring.

In recent Asian gambling news, Taiwanese and Chinese investigators caught the criminals behind an internet gambling site that was operating illegally. This was a business that managed to generate an impressive profit of $3.334 million.

According to a spokesman of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, the law offenders were running an online gambling site in Taiwan, selling gambling chips and points which could then be exchanged with other websites and eventually converted into cash. Players registered on the website had hundreds of games to choose from and all they had to do in order to place a bet was to print out payment slips.

Strict regulations encourage illegal gambling

Taiwanese gambling laws are very rigid when it comes to gambling, including bookmaking or sports betting. Domestic provision of online gambling is not allowed and land-based casinos care only legal offshore or on certain islands. Laws also forbid gambling on foreign sites, but this does not stop Taiwanese players from trying their luck on the internet.

The illegal website’s servers were in Canada, the support centre was based in China and the operator was in Taiwan. Police representatives believe that the logic behind this geographical dispersion was to try and make detection more difficult.

Taiwanese investigators worked together with China’s Online Information Security Bureau, in order to crack this case.

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