Tangiers Casino Offers the Best Odds to Bet on Chilean Politics!

Chilean Political Betting Odds

Would you like to know where you can find the best odds to bet on Chilean politics? Let us help you discover the world of online betting!

I would be lying if I said it was easy to find odds to bet on Chilean politics. In fact, not many online sportsbook news sites in Chile actually care about such offers. Political betting in Chile is just not popular enough for the most famous online sportsbook sites to let their bettors play this form of gambling.

However, luckily for us, we can always find a site where we can bet on politics in Chile. If you would like to find the best site to bet on Chilean politics, don’t hesitate to take a look at the latest review about Tangier Casino. That’s where you can find the best political betting odds in Chile!

Who are the candidates for Chilean Presdency?

Whoever can apply to become a Senator in the Chilean congress, is also eligible to be voted as president. Which means each candidate has to be Chilean citizen born in the country, with full right to vote who have surpassed the age of 35. According to today’s stands, 8 candidates meet those requirements and want to run for presidency at the same time.

The applicants are the following names: Sebastian Pinera, Beatriz Sanchez, Alejandro Guillier, Jose Antonio Kast, Marco Enriquez Ominami, Carolina Goic, Alejandro Navarro and Eduardo Artés. Women in politics seem strong in Chile as there are 2 women running for presidency, and the incumbent president is also female: Michelle Bachelet.

Should you bet on Alejandro Guillier to become President of Chile?

One of the best campaigns is definitely Alejandro Guillier’s support. Online sportsbook sites in Chile have also noted that, yet they don’t regard him as the biggest favourite to be the next President of Chile. He is ‘only’ the third biggest favourite to win, according to the Chilean political betting odds.

Chile President Guillier

That means that the odds for Guillier to become President of Chile are 4.33 at Tangiers Casino. He is very popular among his people, but that’s not entirely because of his political talents: some say he is the Chilean Trump, however, he claims that he couldn’t be any further away from Trump’s politics.

The comparison only comes from the fact that both Trump and Guillier became famous for being tv celebrities. However, while the US President keeps spreading right-wing propaganda and fight against the most important environment protection laws (The Paris Agreement), the possibly next President of Chile is on the left winger, green politician.

Who will win the election in Chile?

According to Chilean political betting odds that you can find in the online sportsbook directory, the most likely candidate to be Chile’s new President from November 2017 is Sebastian Pinera. His odds are 1.57. According to the polls, Beatriz Sanchez is his biggest opponent, apart from the tv star.

Beatriz Sanchez started her career as a journalist, but she felt enough ambition in herself to run for Presidency in 2017. And she actually has a chance according to the latest polls. On the other hand, Sebastián Pinera is a conservative billionaire, who is involved in several corruption allegations, yet he remains incredibly popular among the mass. Political scientists in Chile expect him to win. Presidency for the remaining 5 candidates is pretty much impossible.

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