Bwin the Newest Sports Betting Site in Russia Approaches its Launch Date

Newest Sports Betting Site in Russia

The wait is going to be over soon! Bwin Sportsbook, the newest sports betting site in Russia, enjoys the green light to launch in mid-November. Want more details? Look no further and read on!

If you are wondering if this is the same Bwin Sportsbook as the one you are familiar with, the answer is: it is. Bwin Sportsbook originates from GVC Holdings PLC of the UK and has licenses in more than 18 countries. Now is the moment that we welcome the 19th Bwin, as the newest sports betting site in Russia. Naturally, Bwin Sportsbook will have edge of a well-known brand as well as obtain the technological knowledge from GVC Holdings relating to online gambling platforms.

The Spark of the Newest Sports Betting Site in Russia

It all started when Mr. Alexander Mamut, the founder of A&NN Investment Company who also happens to be a Russian billionaire, decided to venture into the online gambling world and cooperated with GVC Holdings. With two giant corporations working together, it comes as no surprise that Bwin is the largest international online bookmaker to enter Russia.

March 2017 marks the time that Digital Betting LLC, an umbrella company under Mr. Mamut’s investment firm, obtained a license from the Russian government to operate this newest sports betting site in Russia. Previously, there are over 10 legally licensed online gambling sites in Russia which would be threatened by the launch of Bwin Sportsbook and rightly so.

As you may know, tens of thousands of gambling sites are blocked by the Russian government so gaining a license to legally operate a new online sports betting site was no easy feat.

Booming Even Before Launching

Alexander Mamut Bwin

Alexander Mamut (source:

According to the latest online gambling news in Russia, Mr. Mamut was willing to invest 11 million USD per year during the next three years for Bwin Sportsbook even though the market size is estimated at only 18 million USD. Talk about a billionaire’s vision!

Even before the official launch, this newest sports betting site in Russia already has a competitive advantage from its backer. Mr. Mamut’s investment firm also owns Rambler & Co, a Russian online media company. Why does this matter? Rambler & Co maintains Championat, a site that Russians use to watch sports videos and sports newsfeed. With over 4 million users as a strong base, traffic from Championat can be redirected to Bwin Sportsbook easily.

If you sign up, Bwin Sporstbook is offering a brand-new welcome bonus to all new Russian bettors. Hungry for more? Check out other online gambling promotions in Russia!


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