Taylor Determined He is Right Man for PFA Job Despite Gambling Debts

Gambling Debts Not an Issue for PFA Chief Gordon Taylor

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Gordon Taylor has reiterated that he sees himself as the perfect fit for the Professional Footballers Association, despite continuing allegations of massive gambling debts. The former Bolton footballer has run up the debts by gambling heavily at bookmakers and online sportsbooks in the UK.

With the PFA Chief Executive stressing that his experiences even helped him to provide better advice to current footballers, it is likely that the 68 year old will stay in his role with the backing of key players in the game.

Taylor spoke out, saying: “I’m not saying you have to but to have experienced most things in life, like I have, I do feel capable of still, as long as I’m wanted, doing the job and developing the PFA into what it is at the moment – the most powerful sporting union in the world, besides being the longest-established.

“There will be a time in the future when I will have to move on and pass on the baton but we have a good network of people both within the PFA and in our membership.”

With mobile betting, in particular, gaining massive popularity in the UK recently, Taylor’s actions even serve to highlight the dangers. With the union head allegedly gambling GBP 4 million during a 30 month period, the risk of inflated wages in the sport, combined with a British love of a “flutter”, can lead to debt issues. Indeed, a recent report saying that 1 in 4 former professional sportsmen suffer with health, addiction or financial issues after retirement.

UK gambling laws are amongst the least prohibitive in the world, yet it could be about to change as plans to impose a point of consumption tax have been announced. The potential for this 15% tax has driven Gibraltar based William Hill to consider legal action against the government. At the moment, though, it’s one of the most popular markets in the world.

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