Terrorists Against Football: Should We Fear for World Cup 2018?

ISIS FIFA World Cup 2018

More and more propaganda posters are showing up as we are approaching to the most important football tournament in the world… should we be afraid of terrorists against football, or should we just take it easy?

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia as well as all over the world are writing about this situation lately. Cynical me would say it’s only because they want to sell the papers and collect the clicks, but of course it’s not that easy: people are actually scared of terrorists and people are actually scared of terrorists attacking football.

It would be a huge shock if they did manage to do something horrible at the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. But what would they want to do? Why would they attack the World Cup? And are they actually capable of hurting innocent people who just want to watch or play football at FIFA World Cup? Let’s see what this whole thing is about!

Why would terrorists attack football?

Terrorists need attention because they are nothing but attention whores. The Islamic State has been losing a lot of its territory lately and the media has actually written about that. However, they need to keep up their image of being the scariest, evil sons of witches the world has ever seen. That’s one of the reasons why they are photoshopping famous people into their propaganda posters.

ISIS threatened to kill several famous footballers…

Another reason is, as mentioned up above, the fact that the representatives of the Islamic state is full of attention whores. If they lack attention, it would be like they don’t even exist. They need to be in the centre of attention constantly in order to be able to keep people scared. Scared of them, scared of their ideology and scared to express their true wishes.

Should we expect anything to happen in Russia?

We should expect the worst but hope for the best at the same time. Let’s not forget that only a year ago, France held a European Championship. While the threats from ISIS against football were not so obvious and not so explicit either, it wasn’t much of a different story after all. Yet the whole event went through without even the tiniest inconvenience.

Why? Because the secret services and the national security services did an exceptional job. France is a much more dangerous country than Russia, when it comes to terrorist attacks in 2017. Please don’t say it’s because of Putin’s migration or any other policies. It’s completely off topic.

ISIS Threats World Cup Russia

Most of those terrorist attacks in the 21st century were committed by 2nd or even 3rd generation migrants. People who lived their whole lives in Belgium or France, and held EU passports, were radicalized into doing such horrible things. Why they did that is a completely different story, but there are fewer migrants, not to mention less radical migrants in Russia than in France, that’s obvious.

Should we hope for Putin to save us all?

As a result of the above mentioned reasons, no. And please don’t even bring his name up when we are talking about terrorists against football. Putin is the least important matter in this subject. Putin won’t solve any problems regarding terrorism. The core soul of Putin’s politics is terror itself, how should we expect him to fight terror?

What’s the point of terrorists against football?

The point of terrorists is terror itself. If we fear them and we let them influence our daily life, they already won. What we can do is trust national security services as well as secret agents who have been doing and continue to be doing an outstanding job in terrorism preventing. So what should we do?

Well, us, online bettors should simply join the best online sportsbook sites in Russia and bet on our favourite teams. Or for the best teams, or just take advantage of the best odds to win World Cup 2018. Or we should even book flights to Russia and entry tickets to our nation’s matches.

And the teams also have to trust the respected services to do their jobs well enough in preventing terrorists attacking football. Even if only one team refrains from participation, ISIS has won. The football world cannot let that happen, and so we won’t let that happen.

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