Thais Busted for Operating Illegal Gambling Sites in Cambodia

Total illegal gambling revenues from dozens of websites are over 800 million baht per year.

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Local gambling police continued their crackdown on illegal Thai online gambling operators earlier this week. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) revealed evidence about several Cambodian gaming websites.

The suspicious web operations were likely to be funded by two groups of Thai business investors in Thailand. DSI took action against the illegal operators.

DSI Chief officer Tharit Pengdit informed the Bangkok Posts about the clear that the clear links established by his department between the gambling websites and a certain group of investors in Thailand, whose assets had been frozen.

Investigation operative chief Colonel Surasak Na Lampang informed that the two groups operated numerous websites in Cambodia in order to hide so their business activities from the Thai gambling authorities.
The websites, offering online casino for Thai citizens, ran several accounts at different Thai banks.

According to Colonel Surasak, one group of investors, located in West Bangkok’s, operated as much as 15 Thai betting websites and online casinos.

The illegal operators had opened up to 75 accounts in Thai banks, and were making four million baht (around GBP 81,000) a day, adding up to a total revenue of 1.4 billion baht in a year. The websites received an average of 1,160 daily players.

The second group of investors was based in the Northeast region of Thailand, operating seven websites that made total revenues of over 800 million baht per year.

Altogether 103 their bank accounts were frozen, with a total of eight million baht of suspicious deposits.

The DSI raided three houses in Thailand and confiscated computer and laptop that were used in administering the websites.

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