Real-money Social Betting Offered in Ireland by Boylesports

Betting groups can form joint pots for real-money wagers in Ireland thanks to Boylesports.

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Irish independent bookmaker Boylesports teamed-up with Dublin-based social betting start-up BragBet to offer real-money social betting in Ireland.

BragBet developed a social betting platform where players could only place virtual bets between themselves and a group of their friends. The operation, taken to the next level by Boylesports, is now ready to offer real-money sport bets in Ireland.

Group betting just like in school days

The BragBet concept is catchy but simple. Players are required to place a cash deposit into a joint pot. The team then decides on their suggested bets every day, discusses pro and cons, and comments on each other’s suggestions. Each week, one member of the team is named captain, and that person finally decides how the bet pot is used, and which bets the team places.

Apart from enabling real-money sportsbetting under the current Irish igaming laws, Boylesports manages all odds and all bets placed on the BragBet website.

Social gaming being the buzzword nowadays, everybody is trying to find a solution to turn virtual currencies into real-money wagers. According to Boylesports, BragBet’s service has high chances for huge success and fast growth.

In a recent press release to the Irish gaming news, Boylesports Online chief executive officer commented that: “Working together with BragBet we’re introducing a new kind of fun, interactive betting that will particularly appeal to the younger, digital native market who have grown up with social networking and expect a more entertaining experience.”

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