The 8 Weirdest Casino Locations In the World

  • Weird casino locations combine a comfort and spirit of adventure
  • Most of them are located in remote hotels and resorts
  • Underground, in the sky or on water - which casino would you visit?
Weirdest Casino Locations

Nowadays, the gambling market competition is so tough that even great land-based casinos have to offer something special in order to survive. Casino owners try to come up with unique concepts, ideas, and locations for their facilities. We have prepared the list of 8 weirdest casino locations you should definitely visit. 

8. Rivers Casino

Address: River Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60018, United States

Although casino on a puddle doesn’t sound exciting, Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois became popular exactly for its location.  According to state law, only riverboat casinos are allowed to operate in Illinois. However, Rivers casino owners found a sophisticated way to overcome that restriction and run a land-based casino. The casino was built on shallow water, and therefore, was legally classified as a riverboat casino. Rivers has been operating since 2011, and it still attracts numerous local and foreign visitors. 

7. Holland Casino Schiphol Airport

Address: Luchthaven Schipol, Evert v/d Beekstraat 202, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 2040, Netherlands

While some casinos find creative solutions out of necessity, others try new business opportunities. What is more boring than waiting for your flight at the airport? Holland Casino aims to take the edge off waiting. Airport visitors can have a short gambling session while waiting for the delayed flight. The casino offers slots and classic table games every day between 6.30 and 19.30. Although the casino is relatively small, it definitely qualifies for a place in the weirdest casino locations list. 

6. Virtual Reality Casino

Address: Anywhere

Despite the fact that online casinos are taking over the gambling industry, SlotsMillion managed to bring online gambling experience to a completely new level. The company launched the first virtual reality casino in 2015, providing visitors with a real-life casino experience and atmosphere.

SlotsMillion VR Casino is a great option for gambling enthusiasts from areas with restricted land-based casinos. Anyone who has the VR set and Internet connection can visit the facility. Players can enjoy 40 different games, including slots, poker, table games, and card games.

However, SlotsMillion is not the only VR casino on the market. Nowadays, numerous online casino sites in the UK offer VR slots, roulette, and other casino games. If you are a slots fan and you have a VR set, don’t hesitate to take your chances in Mr. Green Casino

5. Casino Jet Lounge – B777

Address: Anywhere

Airjet Designs and Designescence aim to blur boundaries between commercial and private aviation by creating a passenger jet with the onboard casino. As the company claims, the Casino Jet Lounge was designed for long-haul-commercial flights. Business-class passengers are welcome to spend their flight time playing classic table games and enjoying drinks at a height of 9000 meters. The company plans to make the in-flight casino available for economy class passengers as well. 

4. Desert Cave Hotel

Address: 1 Hutchison St, Coober Pedy SA 5723, Australia

Located in Coober Pedy, Australia, the casino in the Desert Cave Hotel is probably one of the most isolated gambling facilities in the world. The hotel has been operating since 1988 and it has both land-based and underground casino rooms. Visitors shouldn’t expect luxurious design, as the underground space is literally carved in the rock.  Although it is a relatively small place, playing in the subterranean casino is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Weirdest Casino Locations
Casinos are not just about the games.

3. X-Train Casino

Address: Los Angeles- – Las Vegas

Since we have already talked about “moving casinos”, we can’t leave out the X-Train Casino. In-train casino allows passengers to start gambling on their way to Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Xpress, Inc. launched its first casino on rails in September 2019. The journey from Los Angeles to Vegas takes 4,5 hours, so why should someone waste this time waiting? One train can carry 500-700 passengers.  Luxurious design, food, and beverages, along with high-quality equipment create a unique casino atmosphere. You can find the Las Vegas Xpress timetable here.

2. The Basement Casino

Address: North Cadbury, Yeovil BA22 7DR, United Kingdom

Hidden in the village of Yeovil, the North Cadbury Court is located in the medieval mansion house, which was in use back in the 16th century. But what is more interesting is that guests can play in the casino that used to be a wine cellar. 

The facility offers a range of classic table games, and guests can enjoy the unique ambiance of a historical site while playing. The only downside is that the underground casino doesn’t have slot machines. 

1. The Safari Casino

Address: R556, Sun City, 0316, South Africa

Although at the first glance the Sun City Resort looks like an ordinary casino,  it is rounding up our list of the weirdest casino locations. The reason is that it actually combines African safari with a top-class gambling experience. Guests can observe wild animals outside the casino while playing in a truly luxurious atmosphere. 

Despite the casino has been operating since 1979, it is keeping up with modern technologies and tendencies. Guests can enjoy more than 40 table games and 100 slot machines. The Sun City Resort also offers VIP options – Salon Privé and special gaming. If you have been planning to travel to South Africa, the safari casino is definitely a great choice. 

Traveling is great, but if you want to enjoy your favorite games without leaving your home, check out our list of online gambling sites in the UK

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