The Best Tiger King Betting Odds: Who Will Play the Main Characters?

  • Tiger King is one of the most viewed series on Netflix
  • There might be a movie about the whole story
  • Joe would like Brad Pitt or David Spade to play him
best Tiger King betting odds

After the success of the latest top Netflix series, the documentary show about Joe Exotic and all the other private zoo owners, rumors emerged about making a movie about the story. Though it’s still not certain that it will happen, bets are already available to make for the possible actors/actresses to appear in the film. In the best Tiger King betting odds we show the favorites for the roles. 

It’s really amazing how a documentary about these extreme people and their special hobby has caught the attention of so many people. Netflix has just added an extra episode to the series where comedian Joel McHale interviewed the stars of the show. But even this is not enough for the fans, who still want more.  So the making of a film about the whole story is totally possible, and it can definitely bring lots of money to the filmmakers. 

In the best Tiger King betting odds the names of Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey are mentioned

Of course, the biggest question is who would play the main character, Joe Exotic. According to Joe himself, he would love to see Brad Pitt or David Spade in his role, but the chances are not too great for that. The odds for Pitt taking the role is 9.00, while the odds of Spade is 7.00. Online sportsbooks in the US are mentioning Edward Norton, Kevin Bacon and Billy Bob Thornton as the favorites, with the odds of 5.00. All of these actors have experience in playing extreme characters, but maybe Billy Bob Thornton would fit the role best. 

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This show is a must watch.

Another main role is John Finlay’s, one of Joe’s husbands, who worked with him for 16 years before leaving him and starting a new life with a woman colleague. Finlay already suggested Shia LaBeouf to play him, who seems to be a perfect choice and has the odds of 2.00.  It is one of the best betting odds we can suggest, though other alternatives in this category include Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. 

Probably one of the few people who stood beside Joe is the former manager of the zoo, John Reinke who could be played by Matthew McConaughey. The actor had some tough roles before from a cowboy diagnosed with AIDS to a detective in the dark series of True Detective. He can easily say yes to a role like this, he has the odds of 2.00 on 1xBet. 

The biggest female role

The arch enemy of Joe, who is the main reason for him being in jail is animal rights activist and the owner of the Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin. Her role is crucial and not without scandals either, after her second husband disappeared without any trace after leaving their home. Well, Carole didn’t like the series and didn’t make any comments on who she would like to see playing her in a possible movie. Allison Janney has the smallest odds with 3.50 at the moment. She received the Academy Awards for the Best Supporting Role of Lavona Golden, the mother and coach of Tanya Holding in the film, I, Tonya. So she has experience in playing real-life characters, but this role might fit others more. 

Doc Antle is another interesting character, like almost everyone in the series. The owner of his wildlife preserve, Antle has been shown as a cult leader who often uses young women to work for him for free. He also worked with Hollywood stars and offered his animals to appear in films and music videos. The role of him would fit Will Ferrell perfectly, but Tim Robbins and Matt Damon are also in the favorites to play him. To find all the available odds, visit 1xBet, and to learn more about the site, read our latest review about 1XBet sportsbook.

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