The Circus Is Coming But Don’t Bet On The Clowns

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The 2016 Presidential race will probably come down to Jeb and Hillary but that hasn’t stopped others from throwing their hat all but hopelessly into the ring

If you listen closely, cup a hand to your ear and close your eyes, focus intently not on the hum-drum noises of everyday life around you and just carefully try to pick out that faint jolly little refrain that’s echoing tinnily out of the pools of political proto-slime from which will evolve monster to come that is the Presidential 2016 election, you’ll just be able to make out Stephen Sondheim’s “Send In The Clowns”, and thankfully, from across the country, the call has been heard, and the clowns, verily the clowns have come.

Deluded Donald Doubts Definite Defeat
• Billionaire organizing Presidential run
• Trump “more serious” than ever
• Casino owner fails to notice the odds

Now at this point it’s tempting to zero in on one of the real nutcases and laugh a lot at how stupid they are and how devoid of sense and understanding or perspective their statements or positions make them look, how they lack the grasp or intelligence necessary to be President and how their efforts to be thought of as a viable candidate are laughably farcical, perhaps even hinting at how their want of power and position is delusional at best and at worst signs of real mental issues that need professional help – but enough about Sarah Palin.

She is by no means alone. Just this week Vice-President Joe Biden made it clear he might be seeking the democratic nomination, which is an awfully sweet thought but given his ability to seem bumbling, inept and somewhat prone to gaffs, might not play so well with a party that has to raise turn out or lose. Joe Biden might be many things but he doesn’t bring to mind ‘energy’, ‘drive’ or ‘youth-vote’ and just recently his behavior on camera around various women has proven to be somewhat embarrassing for all concerned, especially Joe himself.

Daily Show Swipes At Biden

The unashamedly left-leaning Daily Show, hosted (for the time being) by the genius that is John Stewart, actually highlighted Biden’s somewhat overly tactile manner around women during photo opportunities, contrasting it with his positions on women’s rights which are, as you might imagine impeccable. The tongue-in-cheek focus on this slightly creepy behavior, however, may well hang enough doubt in the minds of voters that his candidacy is fatally flawed, although one can’t help but feel perhaps the Daily Show is keeping its opinions mobile betting Biden has more jokes in him yet.


Of course if Joe “buy yourself a shotgun” Biden as President is a slightly piteous and cringeworthy concept, like watching your grandfather try to play Grand Theft Auto, or a store Santa getting fired in front of his elves, the left can always plump for grandma instead, Hillary Clinton already blunting the age card that is likely to be used against her. She’s a shoo in for the nomination at around 4/11 on sites like Bet365 that facilitate internet betting in the US and elsewhere whilst poor old Joe is a 12/1 shot with a tailwind in a favorable light.

Hillary is unlikely to be worried about Joe, just as Jeb Bush, the de facto front runner on the Republican side, is unlikely to be overly worried by some of his competition. No, no I’m not just talking about the concentrate of dumb that is Sarah Palin, there are others. Most notable amongst them the billionaire with stupid hair himself, Donald J. Trump who just recently claimed he was “more serious” than ever about trying to become President of the United States. This of course needs to be stated because every time he tries this it’s treated as a naught but a source of humour.

Trump Doesn’t Pass The Laugh Test

Typically this surfaces most prominently at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner with Trump one of the most frequently selected targets. Most notably in 2011 both the President, Barack Obama, and the comedian Seth Meyers lambasted the deluded buffoon from the podium with Seth summing it up with the one liner “Donald Trump has been saying he’ll run for President as a Republican, which is surprising, because I just assumed he was running as a joke.” Those jokes sunk him at the time and the fact Caesars palace debt is managed whilst Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankrupcy in 2014 will perhaps do pretty much the same this time round.


He doesn’t, as they say, pass the laugh test. He doesn’t even seem to possess a sense of humour himself having attempted to sue the comedian Bill Maher, of Politically Incorrect and Real Time fame, for five million dollars for having make jokes that alluded to Mr. Trump having been the result of his mother mating with an Orangutan, humorously aping Trump’s attacks on the President by demanding to see his birth certificate. The fact that Trump’s lawyer included a copy of his birth certificate proving his client was the son of Fred Trump not an orange haired ape just making it all the more laughable.

US gambling laws aside the internet bookies have Trump and his wig way outside at 40/1 which still seems a little generous given how much of a blustering, self-aggrandizing political lightweight he actually is. Compare that with the 2/1 they’re giving on Jeb, or even the 7/1 to be had on Chris Christie and it soon becomes very obvious Donald hasn’t a hope in the world, his hunger for publicity and desperation to be taken serious forcing him to just blindly stagger on making himself look ever more ridiculous and superficial. Donald Trump is a true clown and his attempted candidacy is a gift to comedians everywhere.

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