The Fascinating Story of One of the Most Emblematic Casinos in Las Vegas

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The New Frontier Hotel and Casino was the first themed casino in Las Vegas, which will keeps all secrets of countless celebrities, who visited it, as it closed down in 2007.

The symbolic building of this eventful casino went through different phases of renovations, developments and changes in its name.

The list of famous people, who had their ups and downs in the New Frontier, is quite long and some of the names on it are Elvis Presley, the future President Ronald Reagan, the Supremes, Phil ‘Sergeant Bilko’ Silvers, Liberace, Siegfried & Roy and many many more.

Brief history

The New Frontier casino opened its doors on 30th October 1942 and up until its closure on 16th July 2007 its ownership changed multiple times. Not surprisingly, every time it was re-sold, a new larger sum was announced in the gambling news.

The owners were intriguing people, most of who were dealing with shady businesses and currently the magnate Donald Trump is planning on building on The Frontier site.

The New Frontier Hotel and Casino was one of the most emblematic casinos in Las Vegas

• It started on 30th October 1942

• It closed on 16th July 2007

• Donald Trump is planning on building on The Frontier site

The event of the building demolition was observed by numerous spectators and it reminded of one of the shows that took place in the casino. The fireworks above the falling apart building were extraordinary beautiful and the sad event looked more like a posh celebration.

Some compare the demolition to the nuclear test clouds, which were floating above the desert. The true Frontier admirers, didn’t call the happening an explosion, but instead thought that an implosion was more suitable for the casino giant.

The nonbiased reality is that Las Vegas itself created The Frontier, the same way it destroyed it later on. The demolition of the emblematic casino marked the end of 50-years era, full of created and lost fortunes, beautiful women, unplanned weddings and many more adventures.

The New Frontier legacy

The New Frontier grew along with Las Vegas itself and it was a favorite arena of the rich, poor and everyone who had a dream and was ready to win or lose all. The New Frontier was following US gambling laws on the surface, but no one knows what was happening in the dim rooms full of opportunists.

The New Frontier casino was a witness of Vegas’ development and it was there before gold diggers occupied the city. The success of this special casino had a direct co-relation to the success of the city itself. The New Frontier helped Las Vegas to become a flourishing hub for various types of gamblers, and some even refer to it nowadays as “the old frontier of the Wild West.”

The case of Elvis

The list of American and international stars, who performed in The New Frontier is impressive. People like the pianist Liberace, formed their style there and later became an institution in the music business.

Even more important, the one and only King Elvis started his Vegas career in this casino. The unique environment of Vegas, which could be felt in every corner of The New Frontier, made Elvis fall in love with the place. The special characteristic lifestyle of Vegas, could not be replicated anywhere and the non-stop party was an integral part of the casino life.

Elvis would go back to this magic place and give his heart to the spectators, enjoying the 24 h. pleasure of beautiful women, entertaining friends and delicious food and alcohol. The King was getting pleasure from everything, but was trying to stay away from the gambling temptations. He became one of the myths in Las Vegas’ history, living in The New Frontier’s fantasy.

Everything that this legendary casino represented was contained in its name. It was showing the promise of a long journey into the vast American dream. The New Frontier casino was all that Vegas ever wanted to be – a place for joy, where millions were lost and won.

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