The Good – Mexican Corona Beer Exports Span The Globe

  • Still Brewed In Mexico This Is Cultural Export Not Theft
  • Corona Beer Exports Made It A Global Household Name 
  • The Mexican Made Lager Became Tipple Of The Trendy
Corona Beer Exports

There’s nothing quite as refreshing. The lime wedge stuck in the top is optional, but one a lot of people enjoy. What bet on sports in Mexico (or anywhere else) could be complete without a Corona to wash it down? It’s almost traditional. So Corona Beer exports have placed this Mexican logo and lager before the consumers of nations all over the world. It might currently be suffering a little PR problem, but in due course will doubtless return to claim its rightful global crown. 

The light golden liquid is almost as recognizable now as Coca-Cola. The crown, from which both it and our current bugbear get their name, an iconic logo. What began as a local lager is now available in stores and bars all over the world. Attaining a fashionable status amongst hipsters, in 1998 it became the most popular imported drink in the United States. It still is. Indeed Corona Beer exports are the success story of Mexican culture travelling abroad, albeit not a perfect one.

Many of the sort of people who insist on telling you Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster will now be tutting. They will claim that this is no longer a Mexican success. Certainly, the business behind Corona Beer exports are no longer a Mexican owned company. They’re Belgian. However, this is a facet of globalist economic realities, not cultural misappropriation by rapacious, rapscallions. The beer itself is still brewed in seven massive Mexican breweries.

Belgian Behemoth Brings Beers Beyond Borders  

Few have heard of the Belgian company AB InBev. Their brands, however, are very well known. They are responsible, these days for, Budweiser, Stella Artois and Grolsch amongst dozens of others. So Corona Beer exports are such a global success is in no small part due to their ownership. They know their business. Sponsorship of sports, from NASCAR to the LPGA, club football to the ATP, put Corona front and center. Popularity soared and with it some criticism.

Corona Extra Beer

  • Type – Pale Lager
  • Alcohol by volume – 4.5%
  • First Brewed – 1925
  • Annual Sales Value – $4.5 Billion
  • Current Sales – Up 5% in 4 weeks to Feb 16th

Beer drinkers are a finickety bunch. Similar to wine bores and tech nerds, beer drinkers will find fault at whim. Grupo Modelo choosing a clear glass bottle, for example, draws ire from staunch aficionados. Exposure to sunlight will quickly “skunk” their beer, they claim, something less frequent with darker glass. This is nitpicking. The destruction of iso-alpha acids aside, Corona Beer exports are a product of this lighter presentation. So without it they’d not have heard of it.  

Corona Beer Exports
Corona Extra is probably the most popular beer in the world – Image source: Flickr

Corona Beer Exports A Marketing Success

The other discussion that crops up is the one about Corona being a craft beer. Originally bottles came marked “Quality And Craft” and this has led to some debate. A craft beer holds a very special place in the hearts of some beer drinkers. They envision small artisan breweries run by well-meaning hippies, not massive industrial production. This is pure snobbery really. The explosion in Corona Beer exports simply making it too popular for some stuck up beer drinkers.

Global Beer Export % & USD Value

  • Mexico: $4.5 billion (28.5%)
  • Netherlands: $2 billion (12.9%)
  • Belgium: $1.8 billion (11.1%)
  • Germany: $1.4 billion (8.7%)
  • United States: $737.6 million (4.7%)
  • United Kingdom: $653 million (4.1%)
  • France: $407.5 million (2.6%)
  • Ireland: $331.1 million (2.1%)
  • Czech Republic: $320.1 million (2%)
  • Denmark: $293.4 million (1.9%)
  • Spain: $253.9 million (1.6%)
  • China: $252.5 million (1.6%)
  • Italy: $230.1 million (1.5%)
  • Poland: $203.1 million (1.3%)
  • South Korea: $154.4 million (1%)

Naturally, these arguments only enhance its reputation, which is already formidable. The wedge of lime in the top was a stroke of marketing genius. They may need another. Or maybe not. To listen to the media these days you’d think you’d not be able to get good odds on Corona even surviving as a brand at online betting sites in Mexico like bet365. The current crisis dooming it by association. The reality is sales are actually up. So, if more proof were needed, there really is no such thing as bad publicity.  

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We take a look at the good side of Mexican cultural dissemination, Corona Beer exports.

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