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Posted: May 17, 2024

Updated: May 17, 2024

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There are several different types of casinos available, especially on the Las Vegas Strip. However, the history of Hard Rock is rooted in the heart of London and moved over to Miami as their main American establishment. Join us, and learn why Hard Rock deserves to be mentioned among the Wynn, Caesars, and Bellagio trio of Las Vegas. This one is for the music fans.

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We already introduced you to some of the greatest casino resorts in Las Vegas. The Caesars, the Bellagio, and then Wynn. However, this time we are going to bring you something different. Today we are going to talk about the history of Hard Rock! This is the absolute best casino for music enthusiasts who do not care to feel like an Emperor in the luxury towers, and ratherjust want to hang out with fellow music nerds. 

The Hard Rock Café is more than just a restaurant chain. Their goal is to embody the spirit of Rock and Roll! They started as a single establishment in Londonbut they grew into a global phenomenon. When we wish to have a high-end experience that does not require us to plan a whole week of travel and booking, then the Hard Rock will be your community! Enjoy the music with others, while playing gambling games in a safe environment. If you can not quite visit, then all you have to do is browse our list of online casino sites in the US.

The Beginning – The History Of Hard Rock

According to Hard Rock, they were founded in 1971. The two American founding fathers were Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. The two both shared their lives for music, and they decided to open a restaurant in London where they could combine their love for American cuisine and rock music. The selected location was an old Rolls-Royce dealership near the Hyde Park Corner. It was a little diner with music memorabilia (more about that later.).

This establishment was not only for people who wanted to get some great fast food. Rather, they wanted to create a unique and immersive cultural experience, where people could visit and share their love for music. It was clear that the establishment had a bright future, and soon they created a community of music fans. If you are interested in playing casino games from home, then register at Ignition Casino!

Hard rock music collection
Joren De Groof from Ghent, Belgium, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The Memorabilia Collection

As we highlighted earlier, the history of Hard Rock café was founded by one core concept: The Memorabilia Collection. Fans of music can gather and see the relics of Rock and Roll from several world-famous artists. According to CNN, people such as Aerosmith were even presenting Les Pau with a guitar cake there.

See, there is one thing that made this restaurant stand out from the rest: The music. Rock Bands, but even music artists would pick Hard Rock in their ‘natural’ environment, over trying to fit into the Roman lifestyle at Caesar’s. These bands became friends with the staff, and it created a chain of networks. Soon, the gambling rock bands were all performing and celebrating at the Hard Rock Café, and it was not a marketing take. They just loved to hang out there! Their Memorabilia still has B.B. King’s guitar in there, say hi to Lucy!

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Global Expansion – The History Of Hard Rock

Soon, people heard about the famous Hard Rock Café in London, and they decided to make a huge expansion. Nowadays, we can see a Hard Rock in almost every state. Last year they were the ones to win the license for the very first casino in Virginia. However, one thing changed with their return to America: Gambling.

One of their core features was the fact that they have the license to run gambling games. Thus, they took full advantage of it, and it made the global change the café needed. Not only a restaurant, music club, and celebrity hot-spot, but also a casino where people can play some games.

Hard rock logo
Håkan Dahlström from Malmö, Sweden, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The Seminole Tribe Of Florida

The history of Hard Rock did not lose its legacy! Of course, business is business. According to Reddit, Hard Rock Cafe operates in 74 countriesand now it is owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. They bought it in 2006 for $965 million. Furthermore, they paid the state of Florida $100M for the rights to allow Vegas-style table gambling in the cafes. Each member of the tribe (~4000) has earned a revenue of $100,000 / year. This purchase was essential in the expansion of the casino. This is when gambling finally merged with the whole atmosphere, turning Hard Rock into what it is today.

Of course, they are ensuring that Hard Rock operates with the most modern, ethical, and up-to-date technology. We rarely hear of problems and complaints. In fact, on review sites often people name the waiters for their outstanding work. The only reason it is ⅘ is because well, it has everything, but it is not a hotel, so not all categories can be matched out from the Vegas-style establishments.

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A Decade Of Love – The History Of Hard Rock

Finally, we would like to mention that they have been operating for more than a decade. And each year they represented the highest human philosophy ever. The Seminole has featured a “Love All, Serve All” statement, which welcomes everyone, no matter who they are. They have hosted some of the greatest New Year’s Eve parties for gamblers. They even have their song created for an anniversary! Is there anything else we’d wish for? Well, perhaps spending even more time within the Hard Rock community.

Since then, most of the stars have been in at least one of their 74 establishments. And they are going to thrive in the future, no matter what! Both as a restaurant, gambling establishment, music club, and a live-music venue.

Where To Play Iconic Casino Games?

Now that you understand the history of Hard Rock, it’s time to talk about some of the facts that not everyone can attend. The Hard Rock is one experience people can put on their holiday lists. While from the outside, it might seem nothing special. But on the inside? This is going to mark your whole month of experience. Great servers, amazing food, nice music, excellent shows, and of course, gambling games available!

But if you do not wish to travel to a country where they are established, then you may watch some of their concerts or even just their online playlist! Search for their playlists on Spotify, put the songs in, and register at Ignition Casino to play some of the greatest games online!

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