The Importance of a Great Football Manager is Still Underrated – A Collection of Case Studies

  • Los Galacticos suffered after Del BOsque got sacked
  • Inter went to top with Mourinho - and declined without him
  • Manchester United still suffers from Sir Alex's retirement
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The roles of the football managers are questioned by many people who firmly believe that success in up to the players, but history proved this idea wrong many times.

Importance of football managers are highly underestimated by many but they indeed take a crucial part of how a club works and operates. Among other aspects, their job is to keep the environment of the dressing room healthy and positive but also maintain their players’ happiness and motivation at the same time. Furthermore, he has to promote competition between them without creating the distance between them. They are also in charge of the team’s tactics and deciding who will be in the field and on the bench before each match.

  • Real Madrid sacked Del Bosque and stopped being successful
  • Inter is heavily struggling without Mourinho
  • Man United have been suffering ever since Ferguson’s retirement

Team managers are, in addition, responsible for overseeing the work that each coach does every day. All of these elements are just a small part of the daily work that a club’s boss needs to do. Yet, whenever an incredibly successful team arises, it is always the players who are praised. It never is the head of the team. It seems unfair because their job appears miniscule at first, but time always proves whether a manager had done his job well or not. History showed us some great team bosses whose clubs have dropped incredibly after they left.

Real Madrid have suffered chaos after sacking Del Bosque

Every Real Madrid fans know the importance of a great football manager. Vicente del Bosque  was a home-grown player for Real Madrid and he has played 312 games wearing the White shirt. After his retirement as a professional football player he decided to become a head coach. In 1987 he took over Los Blancos’ reserve team, RM Castilla, and has been appointed as manager of the seniors in 1999 after John Toshack was dismissed.

During his tenure with the Los Blancos, they won the Champions League in 2000 and in 2002, the Spanish Supercup in 2001, the UEFA Super Cup in 2002. In addition, they claimed the Intercontinental Cup in 2002, and the Liga BBVA in 2001 and 2003. Spanish gambling news report that this was the most successful era for the club ever since the legendary team with Puskas and Di Stefano in the 50’s and 60’s. However, President Florentino Perez was not pleased with him because they only won the championship in 2003, and he had to leave.

Group of stars in chaos – the perfect lack of proper management

Truth be told, Perez wanted full control over the club for himself and he wanted a puppet for team manager. One week after firing the moustached man, the club announced the signature of David Beckham, however, the replacement for the manager was still unknown. The most outstanding era for Galacticos has been replaced by the worst period due to the decision of letting Del Bosque go. Real Madrid have not won a single trophy until the 2006/07 season lead by Fabio Capello.

Inter Milan and the importance of a great football manager – José Mourinho’s story

Jose Mourinho is one of the most famous names among today’s football managers. He has won the Champions League with FC Porto. After that, he joined Chelsea to lead the Londoners to Premier League victory after 50 years. Mourinho proved his class. Still, because of differences in opinion with club owner Roman Abramovich, Mourinho left Chelsea for Inter Milan. He has won his first trophy within 1 month. That was the Supercoppa Italiana. Anyhow, his real success came in season 2009-10.

Jose Mourinho’s Internazionale showed amazing performance throughout the whole year. It resulted in them becoming the first Italian club to win the Treble. Inter Milan have defeated AS Roma in the Italian Cup final. They also finished ahead of them in the Serie A. In addition, Mourinho’s men have also won the UEFA Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium against Bayern Munchen after eliminating Barcelona by a combined result of 3-2, which surprised every mobile betting site.

Inter Milan without Jose Mourinho

After the great success he has achieved in Milan, the Portuguese manager has announced his resignation. Mourinho joined Real Madrid right away. Spaniard Rafa Benitez was his replacement. He’s not among the best football managers, but he has won the Italian Cup immediately in his first year. Nevertheless, the team has stopped being one of the greatest European football teams. Schalke04 eliminated them in the Champions League in the quarter-finals. Afterwards, they finished second in the championship in 2010-11. They haven’t been able to qualify for the tournament ever since.

Sir Alex Ferguson presents the role of a manager in football

Alex Ferguson is another terrific example for the importance of a great football manager. He started gaining a name for himself in the football world when he was manager of Aberdeen. He has lead the team to victory in the Scottish League Cup. They did the same in the Scottish Cup as we. In addition, they won more important trophies. For example, they landed the UEFA Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Super cup and the Scottish Premier Division. Due to his great results with the Scottish side, many great English clubs started watching him. However, he turned down all the offers. Eventually, Ferguson joined Manchester United in November 1986. The rest is history.

He has achieved incredible things with the Red Devils. For example, they won the Champions League twice. In addition, they claimed the Premier League trophy 13 times. It is almost impossible to list everything he has won during his 26 years as head coach of Man United. The Scottish manager has not only won many trophies for his club. He also raised football players like 5-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. He has won 38 trophies in total as manager of United. His outstanding success earned him the title “Sir”. Ferguson retired at the end of the 2012-13 season.

Life after Sir Alex Ferguson

Former Everton manager David Moyes was his replacement. The legendary manager’s compatriot had huge pressure on him to match Ferguson’s success. Nevertheless, he did fail to fill the big shoes. His team finished 7th in the Premier League. It meant that they didn’t manage to qualify for any European tournament. Man United sacked David Moyes at the end of the season. Dutchman Louis van Gaal replaced him. Online spostsbooks in UK believe he can lead Man Utd back to Europe setting the odds at 1.83 (5/6) for finishing in the top 4 in the Premier League.

I guess after reading all this, you are now also familiar with the important role of a manager in football.

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