The Lefebvre Story – A Portrait of Neteller’s Hero Come-Back

Bill Reynolds book

Lefebvre’s book, entitled “Life Real Loud: John Lefebvre, Neteller and the Revolution in Online Gambling’, written by Bill Reynolds, depicts the life of the Neteller co-founder.

Just a few years ago, John Lefebvre was the object of much media attention in the US gambling news when the US law enforcement officers investigated Neteller, the e-cash processing company, and arrested him and co-founder Stephen Lawrence.

Neteller allowed players who had difficulties in securing and paying for online bets a chance to do so. Before, many online players came across hitches to pay online because of differing credit cards laws in each country.

The Canadian co-founders were charged with breaching the very grey area of US gambling laws in respect of monetary online transactions. They had claimed their innocence stating they started the revolutionary company based on counsel from their trusted advisors. A large settlement between the US government and the co-founders were agreed upon and quelled the uproar.

The philantropist and successful business tycoon

The new biography is being marketed to explore his personal life and gives an insight into his background: where he is coming from, his adventures and business ventures. The book thus reveals a far different character from the one who was accused of infringing on the US gambling laws as he is depicted as being ‘ generous almost to a fault” from the days of his youth.

He used his profits from Neteller and other investments to buy ‘Malibu beach houses, limited edition cars, complete wardrobes, and a jet to fly to rock shows with pals’. His philanthropic side shows him giving away ‘his fine suits to charity, donned his beloved t-shirt and jeans, and millions to the Dalai Lama’.

He also started helping people who needed investments for start-ups and supported “eco-conscious people like David Suzuki”. Today Lefebvre’s company now known as Neovia offers options for online players to use credit cards, Online Check (EFT), InstaCASH, Bank Wire and Internet Banking across many regions except in the US.

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