The Mayweather Pacquiao Bout: Round per Round Review (part2)

Posted: May 4, 2015

Updated: May 4, 2015

A review of the last six round of the “Fight of the Century.”

Most critics and enthusiasts knew that Manny Pacquiao would start this bout a bit differently than they were used to. Although Freddy Roach has trained Pacquiao, he also trained Oscar De La Hoya in his match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The same strategies for cutting Mayweather off from the ring were used by Pacquaio that De La Hoya used as well. De La Hoya tried to fight Mayweather’s style and lost.

• Mayweather stepped up in the seventh round landing more punches.
• Pacquiao showed promise in the ninth round as Mayweather stayed on defense.
• Mayweather’s performance was minimal on the offensive end.

Mayweather was defensive throughout the first half of the bout. Continually side stepping Pacquiao, Mayweather used his reach to keep distance Pacquiao and his height advantage to grab Pacquiao by the neck whenever he was too aggressive. Coach and Father Mayweather Senior started to “grill” is son to be more active. But Mayweather resisted and kept to his plan. Regardless, US gambling news would be made.

The next four rounds move back and forth

Beyonce in Vegas

The sixth round started to show us a fight that Pacquiao may have wanted from the beginning with more aggression and keeping Mayweather off balance. Pacquiao connected with a good stiff left. Mayweather stepped up in the seventh round landing more punches, but still holding Pacquaio to subdue him. This round allowed Mayweather to recover. Pacquiao got some hits through but only towards the end.

Pacquiao shows more aggression in the eighth round taking more risks. Mayweather stayed on the defense as the crowd starts yelling “Manny Manny.” Mayweather is able to counter with some good jabs while Pacquiao is swinging more wildly. Mayweather was able to make a good connection while Pacquiao made two double left jabs into Mayweather .

Round nine started again with Pacquiao going in hard while trying to lean in. A flurry in the corner by Pacquiao forced Mayweather to clinch him. More attempts by Pacquiao created openings for Mayweather as he got some good shots in. Pacquiao was more relentless to make something happen. Mayweather on the defense kept holding to neutralize Pacquiao.

Pacquiao showed serious promise in the ninth round as Mayweather stayed on the defense. An early flurry in the corner was broken up quickly. Pacquiao closed in on Mayweather more with Mayweather connecting some jabs to hold him off. Some more blows thrown by Pacquiao led to another clinch. By this time, most punters gambling through online sportsbooks in the US were giving up on their hopes for a Pacquiao victory.

The last two rounds before history was made

Mayweather Won

Round 11 opened with a stiff jab by Mayweather to Pacquiao. Pacquiao came back and found himself in a clinch. Pacquaio tried his best to approach Mayweather more. With single attempts, Mayweather tried to build more momentum. A two-hit combination by Mayweather gave the crowd something, but soon the fight returned to its normal pace with Pacquiao on offence while Mayweather remained on the defense.

The last round began with the two hugging each other. The two paced trying to find any opening. Pacquiao threw a wild swing that missed and Mayweather got a jab or two in. Pacquiao knew he had to end well on this one and ended up chasing Mayweather around the ring trying to get a hit. Pacquiao tried desperately to make something happen. Mayweather knew that if he kept a distance from Pacquiao the fight would be his.

After the bell rang, Mayweather was confident that fight was his. The commentators said “Manny can do one thing, but Floyd can do anything.” Mayweather’s performance was minimal on the offensive end. He received credit every time he did something and when he didn’t. Mayweather was considered brilliant either way. And against a pro-Pacquiao crowd, the outcome didn’t sway anyone’s feelings of Mayweather.

Mayweather had nothing but kind words to say as he was complementary towards his opponent and the crowd who clearly wasn’t in his favor. “He’s a Hell of a fighter. And I can see why he’s one of the fighters at the pinnacle of fighting.” Maybe Pacquiao would’ve fought differently if he were behind. “I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing. And more on outside.” In accordance to US gambling laws, they both walked away with largest payments of any two opponents in boxing history.

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