The Most Successful Teams in the History of the Copa America

Copa America trophy on display

Find out more about the most successful teams of the Copa America right before the upcoming tournament.

Copa America is the oldest continental football tournament in the world. It was held in Argentina for the first time in 1916, and the host finished as runner-up in that year’s competition as Uruguay defeated them in the final.

• Brazil won 8 times
• Argentina lost many finals
• Uruguay is the most successful side

It was called South American Championship back then, and the name was replaced to Copa América in 1975. Peru won the competition in that year by defeating Colombia in the final. The last Copa America was held in Argentina while the next one will be in Chile in 2015. Our aim was to introduce the most successful teams in the history of the competition.

The best team in the history of World Cup is only third in their continental cup

online gambling sites in Brazil report that even though they national team is the most successful team ever in the history of the World Cup, their performance in the Copa América is not so bright. They have won the prestigious continental tournament 8 times which puts them on the third place among the most successful nations.

Brazil Copa America 1919

Brazil have won its first Copa America as early as 1919, which was the third time that the competition was organized. They won once again in 1922 and then they had a huge gap of continental football: they only managed to win it again in 1949. After another 40 years of lacking triumph, they became golden medallists again in 1989.

Later on a time arrived when Brazil have ruled the South American football for 10 years. Between 1997 and 2007, 5 Copa Américas were held. Brazil have won 4 of these five competitions and the only time they did not manage to triumph was in Colombia in 2001, where the home team achieved its one and only triumph in the tournament.

Brazil is believed to be among the most favourite teams to win the competition in Chile. The odds for the Brazilian national team’s success are 4.00 (3/1) by the well-known online sportsbook, Bet365. Barcelona star Neymar will have to give 100% to prove his class on the prestigious tournament.

Argentina are the team who lost the most Copa América finals

When talking about the Copa América, everyone mentions either Brazil or Argentina as the most successful teams. That is why it is a little bit surprising that Argentina is “only” the second team with the most triumphs in the 99-year-old history of the tournament.

Argentinian gambling news report that the “Albiceleste” has won the Copa América 14 times. They are in the second position with this number, however, they have not won the most important South American tournament for a while. The last time they were successful was 22 years ago, in 1993 in Ecuador, where they beat Mexico in the final.

Argentina won most if its titles between 1925 and 1959. The Copa América – or, as it was called back then, the South American Championship – was held 18 times during this period. Argentina finished on the top of the podium 11 times out of these 18. Argentina are the greatest favourite for this year’s championship according to Bet365, who has set the odds for the success of Messi and his mates at 3.25 (9/4).

It also has to be mentioned that Argentina are the team who have made it to the final the most times and they are also the team who have lost the most finals. With a little bit more of luck, they could easily have become the most successful team, but they lost 12 finals of the Copa América.

Uruguay are absolute leaders with 15 triumph

Urugay Winning 2011 Copa America
Not many would have guessed at first that Uruguay is the most successful team among all South American national football sides, which represents the likes of Brazil and Argentina for example. Yet, Uruguayan football has dominated Copa América for many many years ever since the foundation of the competition.

They have won the very first Copa América and in addition, they are also title defenders as they have defeated Paraguay easily by 3-0 in the final in 2011. The last tournament was held in Argentina and they triumphed there. Altogether they have won the cup 15 times.

Uruguay has won the first two Copa Américas, however they did not really have a given period when they dominated the South American football world. They have won the prestigious tournament every now and then due to their great squad and strong attacking players.

Even though the fact that they have been victorious the most times in the history of the competition, they are regarded as underdogs in this year’s championship. Their greatest star, Luis Suarez is banned from international matches which makes Edinson Cavani the greatest and probably only star in the squad. Online bookmakers in Uruguay have set the odds for the 15-time-champion’s success at 11.00 (10/1)

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