The NBA Will not Allow Gambling Advertisements on Jerseys

Gambings ads are banned from jerseys

According to ESPN, the NBA has decided to ban gambling sponsorships from appearing on players’ jerseys during games.

The National Basketball Association made US gambling news this week by declaring that they would not accept gambling advertisements on their players’ jerseys. This comes as a surprise to some, considering the NBA has allowed a number of gambling ads within their stadiums and during broadcasts.

The NBA will begin selling jersey sponsorships during the 2017-2018 season. These advertisements will be featured on the front-left of players jerseys, and will measure about 2 ½ by 2 ½ inches. This advertisement strategy is likely to help add revenue to the NBA, but is being met with harsh criticism from fans for “selling out.”

Gambling advertisements are not the only ads banned

In addition to the gambling advertisements, alcohol, politics, and any competitor to Nike will also be banned from appearing on the jerseys. Similar to the gambling ban, this decision has been met with a fair share of criticism. Alcohol advertisements can be found all over stadiums and during broadcast commercials, making the decision to ban them on jerseys seem questionable.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has called this new plan “an experiment,” and estimated it could bring over $100 million to the NBA annually. According to Silver, the new NBA jersey program could also help to expand the league’s growth overseas, as foreign companies may want to become involved.

What do you think about the NBA banning gambling advertisements on the players’ jerseys? Does it make sense considering they allow online gambling sites in the US to advertise at stadiums and on commercials? Leave a comment with your opinion below!

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