The Netherlands Set To Legalize Online Gambling As Early As 2015 But Puts Jobs At Risks

Posted: November 15, 2014

Updated: June 4, 2017

While progress in introducing online gambling in the Netherlands is going at a snail’s pace, fears of thousands of jobs being lost is a major cause of concern.

The latest Dutch gambling news in suggest that online gambling is soon to become a reality in the country. Unlike most of their European counterparts, online casino gambling has been slow in the making. Even though the government is the majority stakeholder in land-based gambling casino companies in the country, they are staunch opponents of introducing gaming.

Needless to say online gambling has reaped many benefits in the neighboring countries. The United Kingdom for instance, uses some of the taxes from online gambling licenses to feed into local associations such as hound racing. Or simply just to raise much-needed funds to cut deficits.

The government has been sharply criticized for being so reticent into voting bills to allow online gambling and put an end to the monopoly that the Dutch land-based gambling has been used to. Dutch residents in the past have had authority to gamble online in other countries. However they have come across many stumbling blocks set up on the internet to discourage such initiatives. The government claims this is mainly to dissuade would-be addictive gamblers from ruining their lives.

Now that the Dutch gambling laws will legalize online gambling starting 2015, the government now faces another dilemma. Also the Dutch land-based gambling trade body VAN Speelautomaten, claims over 6,000 jobs may be at stake in this high risk venture. For example, amusement parks and arcades are sour about the loss of revenues that online casino gambling may cause. People will find it easier to gamble from home rather than hover over slot machines.

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