The Next Men’s 100 Winner at Olympics 2020 After Usain Bolt

The Next Men's 100 Winner at Olympics 2020 After Usain Bolt

For almost a decade, Usain Bolt has been dominating the sprinting world. He has won 3 consecutive medals in the Olympics from 2008-2016. Will Usain’s retirement mark the end of the recent Jamaican sprinting reign? Below, we have compiled a list of the possible Men’s 100 winner at Olympics 2020, including their odds:

1. Yohan Blake (6/1)

It might not be the end of the Jamaican reign just yet. Yohan Blake (6/1), professional Jamaican sprinter, has a pretty good chance of continuing the Jamaican winning streaks at the Tokyo Olympic Games. According to Japan gambling news, Yohan is being trained by Coach Glen Mills, the same coach as Usain’s. With all the Coach’s energy focused on him now, Yohan could become the Men’s 100 winner at Olympics 2020.

2. Andre De Grasse (7/4)

Andre De Grasse used to be Usain’s main rival. At 2016 Olympics, Andre placed 3rd in the Men’s 100 with 10 milliseconds slower than Usain. All the Canadian ever wanted was to beat Usain in a sprint. Sadly, he has lost the chance to do so but on the bright side, he could become the new winner altogether. With Usain out of the picture, Andre’s odds to be Men’s 100 winner at Olympics 2020 shot up to 7/4, according to online sportsbook sites in Japan.

3. Christian Coleman (7/4)

The 21-year-old American, Christian Coleman, was the one who actually beat Usain before, not only once but twice. In the World Championships 2017, Christian crossed the finish line before Usain at both the semi-finals and the finals. It was a close win. Christian was only 0.01 seconds faster than Usain.

Christian Coleman is officially known as the new rising star. Apart from his victory over Usain, he also broke the NCAA 100 meters record at 9.82 seconds in 2017. That’s part of the reason why online gambling sites in Japan give him the highest odds at 7/4 to be the Men’s 100 winner at Olympics 2020.

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Christian Coleman and Andre De Grasse have the same winning odds at 7/4. The two are neck-to-neck competitors. Your next best bet is Yohan Blake (6/1). So why not head to Paddy Power Sportsbook to bet on the Men’s 100 winner at Olympic 2020? If you are new to Paddy Power Sportsbook, your first 20 Euros bet can be placed, risk-free!

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