The Odds On Joe Biden Suffer From Alternative Realities

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Odds On Joe Biden
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With the Republicans apparently unwilling to step back from Trumpist politics Democrats face a tricky choice in 2024. Do they run Kamala Harris, or will Joe Biden want another term? Online betting sites in the US like Bovada aren’t sure which way Democrats will jump. They aren’t even sure Joe will even finish this term. As US politics flounders in a malaise of misinformation, the odds on Joe Biden seem irrelevant. He’s too old. But then should you really bet on Kamala Harris?

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The 2020 election victory wasn’t convincing. Democrats failed to bridge the political chasm that still divides America. Even after losing, Republicans still cling to the politics of the last administration. So, it appears likely Democrats will face the same landscape going into the next election. That makes a simple choice far more difficult. Republicans place a huge emphasis on misinformation. So the odds on Joe Biden even wanting to run again at his age are quite lengthy. 

A recent poll from Reuters showed around 50% of Republicans believe the Capitol Riot was leftists trying to make Trump look bad. An even higher percentage think they stole the election. However misguided, these people would bet on Donald Trump running again. Like it was a bet on sports in the US, not politics. They liked him. They still do. Hence the odds on Donald Trump available at Bovada at 11/2. What’s strange is that the Republicans are just fine with that.

Alternative Reality And Desperation May Doom Republicans

The Republicans now know that unless they suppress the vote, and lower overall turnout, they’ll lose elections. Of course, you can always bet on Republicans to try and rig the game, so they’ve introduced hundreds of new voter laws. Supposedly, these are to combat voter fraud. But, there isn’t any vote fraud. So this is pure party politics. One of the reasons the odds on Joe Biden and the Democrats aren’t lower is because these laws will mostly impact traditional democrat voters.

2024 US Election Odds 

  • Jared Kushner – 200/1
  • Will Smith – 150/1
  • Oprah Winfrey – 100/1
  • Marco Rubio – 50/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 40/1
  • Ted Cruz – 33/1
  • Michelle Obama – 33/1
  • Tucker Carlson – 25/1
  • Dwayne Johnson – 20/1
  • Jeff Bezos – 20/1
  • Ron DeSantis – 20/1
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – 16/1
  • Mike Pence – 14/1
  • Nikki Haley – 11/1
  • Donald Trump – 11/2
  • Joe Biden – 9/2
  • Kamala Harris – 7/2 
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Republicans feigning a belief Democracy is in danger as a cover for destroying democracy is astonishingly brazen. They know they can’t win in a fair fight so have simply decided to make it a wholly unfair fight instead. Anyone in the US gambling laws concerning elections won’t slant towards Republicans in 2024 is fooling themselves. The Republicans have created their own version of reality that justifies their pursuit of power by whatever means necessary fair or foul.

Grab The Best Odds On Joe Biden Or Kamala Harris At Bovada

Fewer than 30% of Republicans believe Trump bears any responsibility whatsoever for the attack on the Capitol. That beggar’s belief. Combating this alternative reality many Republicans have created may prove impossible for Democrats. A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. So, the odds on Joe Biden wanting to fight another campaign in such an arena at his age are unrealistic. That leaves his VP looking very much like their candidate in waiting. 

Odds On Joe Biden Serving A Full Term 

  • Yes – 9/11
  • No – 11/13

Kamala Harris has a couple of years to make an impact as Vice-President. Just after the mid-terms Democrats will have to nail their colors to a mast. That’s two years away. However, the more Republicans push, the worse they make themselves look to everyone else. They begin to look almost criminally desperate. So, with turnout the big decider now, the odds on Kamala Harris at online sportsbook sites in the US are quite attractive. Better even than the odds on Joe Biden. Injustice brings out the crowds. Remember?

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We take a look at how continuing divergence of Republicans from reality makes the odds on Joe Biden less attractive than those on Kamala Harris.

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