The Poker Players Alliance Goes Against Chaffetz and Graham Bills

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The Poker Players Alliance urges Congressmen to support online poker instead of banning it once again.

We all know that several bills have been presented before the US Congress aiming to once again change American gambling laws and ban online gambling in the country. The renowned US poker organization, the Poker Players Alliance, has issued a statement strongly opposing the Chaffetz and Graham take on resurrecting the Wire Act.

American gambling news have quoted the statement, which came from the Poker Players Alliance: “These bills trample on the rights of states, but of greater concern is the fact that they will deny consumers any meaningful protections that can only be achieved through responsible state or federal regulation.”

Poker Players Alliance expressed condemnation of Chaffetz and Graham bills

• The Alliance urges Congressmen to support online poker sites in United States

• They are confident that legal and regulated online poker is way beneficial than the banned one

• The three states with legalized online poker show great tax revenue

The statement continues to read: “Today, three states are safely and effectively regulating online poker sites in the United States. This misguided attempt at prohibition will turn back the clock in those states and destroy the opportunity for others to gain the economic and societal benefits of offering its citizens a safe and regulated place to play online.”

The Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, had the following to add to the statement: “We hope Senator Graham and Congressman Chaffetz and the other supporters of these bills will sideline any political motivations and choose to support what’s in the best interest of American consumers by reconsidering these bills.”

The Poker Players Alliance went on to summarize all that’s happened before the launch of the Chaffetz and Graham bills. They made a specific note that the US Department of Justice has carried out an extensive review of the legislative history and relevant case laws. The findings were clear: the Wire Act only bans online sports betting, thus online poker is not prohibited by it.

The new proposals

The legislation change proposals introduced this Wednesday by Chaffetz and Graham, can potentially overturn the Department of Justice’s ruling, and increase the scope and intent of the Wire Act, a law introduced in 1961.

According to the Poker Players Alliance the new rules, if passes, would seriously undermine the now regulated online gambling markets open in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The recently opened state markets are now successfully providing hundreds of thousands of online gambling aficionados with legal gambling opportunities and very effective consumer protection.

Poker Players Alliance takes action

The Alliance has already sent out several tens of thousands of letters, tweets, and emails to their elected members of Congress. The Poker Players Alliance is urging the lawmakers to support legislation changes, which call for facilitated licensing and regulation of online poker in states where it is legal. The Alliance is urging Congressmen to oppose the Chaffetz and Graham proposals, a legislation which will expand the Wire Act and take away the states’ right to legalize online poker in their jurisdiction.

Pappas went on to say: “For years, the PPA has fought to provide players with a safe and regulated environment to play poker online across the nation. These bills amount to a prohibition, plain and simple, and they deny the realities of today’s online world. If enacted, they would only serve to expand an unregulated market that protects no one.”

The head of the Poker Players Alliance added: “Instead, Congress should focus on corralling the unregulated marketplace and turning it into a system that is safe for consumers and accountable to regulators and our government. Online poker licensing and regulation is the only way to ensure consumers are protected with clear laws and strong enforcements, and poker players deserve this right.”

The attempt by Chaffetz and Graham seems really out of place in today’s world. After last year’s legalization of online gambling, the three states are showing great results, providing the state coffers with much-needed tax revenues and providing a legal and regulated way for gamers to enjoy online gambling.

The Wire Act was enacted back in 1961 when Internet was not heard of, and surely its stipulations cannot rule the modern world of online and mobile gambling. We really do hope the Congress will make the right decision about the future of American online gambling industry.

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