The Public VS Las Vegas Bookies for the Super Bowl XLVIII

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Will the public bettors continue their winning streak over Las Vegas bookies in the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII?

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming this Sunday, and while Seahawks and Broncos prepare to go at each other throats, punters around the world prepare to place wagers at a variety of bookies including online sportsbooks in the United States.

Besides the general betting on Super Bowl, the tradition of the public betting against Las Vegas bookies will also continue. Public punters have outsmarted Las Vegas during the last three years, the big question is will the unprecedented streak continue?

Naturally, we won’t know until the kickoff, which team is the public’s favorite. Judging by the current line movement of 4½ points, the majority of bets is being placed on the Broncos. Seahawks were two-point favorites at some period, but now the team is getting 2½.

But wagering against the public (or fading) is a general axiom, despite their latest streak. However, since 1991 the public’s record against the sportsbooks is 10-11 with two more games resulting in push (no point-spread winner).

What about Super Bowl XLVIII betting?

During their three previous appearances at Super Bowl since 1991, both Seahawks and Broncos were backed by the public. As for the upcoming match, Broncos could seem to be the favorites thanks to their amazing offense. The public generally prefers offensive teams and that’s a fact.

The current American gambling laws allow online sport betting only in selected states, and Nevada is certainly one of them. But that doesn’t stop Americans from betting with a long list of foreign-based sites.

As for the venue, the public is 0-2 down when it comes to Peyton Manning. Super Bowl XLI (2007) saw Chicago Bears favored by the public, but they went on to lose to Indianapolis Colts. And three years later the public favored Colts, but underdogs New Orleans Saints came through with a win.

Well, it’s only a couple of days until Sunday, and all will be revealed when the action starts.

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