The Richest Boxers in History (part 2)

Posted: April 20, 2015

Updated: April 20, 2015

A look at the boxers who have amassed the largest fortunes in the sport.

The world of boxing can be a harsh place. In many other fighting disciplines that are performed for money, fighters are fortunate if they can survive to adulthood without the burden of some crippling injury stemming from combat. Boxing, although bit more disciplined, is no less as dangerous. Many fighters end up with permanent hand injury or brain damage imposed through years head blows during their careers.

Professional boxers such as Juan Marquez have had decent careers in their own right. Sometimes you have to break through the barrier such as Vladimir Klitschko or build a reputation of excellence such as Felix Trinidad. The Brits such as Carl Froch and Joe Calzaghe have had careers governed by hard, no-non sense fighting. Sometimes it takes the showmanship and strategy of Amir Khan to create a fortune.

All Hail “Prince” Naseem Hamed and “Sugar” Shane Mosley

Apart from the obvious difference in skill and success, “Prince” Naseem Hamed could be considered the Muhammad Ali of British Boxing. A permanent character in international gambling news, Hamed’s flamboyant mannerisms helped him earn his fortune of $33 million. Hamed fights with lowered fists simply out of overconfidence. Showmanship aside, Hamed was WBO, WBC, IBF and Lineal featherweight champion.

• Prince Naseem Hamed is a showman who built a $40 million fortune.
• Ricky Hatton was the people’s champion of Great Britain.
• Hagler was named fighter of the decade by Sports Illustrated.

Shane Mosley has a net worth of $35 million. Plainly put, he earned it through fighting everybody important he could in his weight class. It should also be noted that the welterweight class had the most high profile fighter for about a decade including Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. “Sugar” Shane Mosley held three world titles in three weight divisions.

Three Boxers that have Reached the $40 million Mark

Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins may not be known for his $40 million fortune, but more for his ageless presence. Hopkins set the record for the oldest boxer ever to win a world title, have a title defense and unify a single division when we defeated a 31-year old Beibut Shumenov at 49 years old! Hopkins’ sheer longevity in the sport made this Philadelphia fighter rich by default.

Known by mobile betting providers, former WBA, IBF and IBO Light Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton worked for his success. After he fought Floyd Mayweather in 2007, Ricky Hatton was more than simply the British champion of the people. Even though Mayweather easily defeated him, the bout made him an international name. After losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2009, Hatton retired with a $40 million fortune.

Marvin Hagler has always been regarded as a good fighter. “Marvelous” had won titles by fighting wars with Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. The former Undisputed World Middleweight Champion was named Fighter of the Decade (1980’s) by Sports Illustrated. Hagler’s strong chin and unmatched contact punch rate of 78% paved the way for his $45 million fortune.

”The Greatest” of All Time and the Mayor of Kiev are Next in Line

 The Klitchko brothers amassed not only titles, but a considerable fortune too

Muhammad Ali is the most revered fighter on the planet. There hasn’t been a time period when so many great heavyweights fought at the same time. Ali was able to defeat all of them in some of the most high profile bouts ever. One might be surprised to learn that Ali has a net worth of only $50 million, but it’s easy to forget how much the boxer spent on an extravagant lifestyle that made him broke probably more than once in his career.

The only boxer in history with a PhD came in above Ali. Perhaps all of that fancy book learning helped Vitali Klitchko build $65 million or having the sense to refuse Don King’s offer of promoting him. The current major of Kiev, Ukraine had an amazing career without ever being knocked down once. Klitchko’s consistency made him a bit mundane for those involved in online sports betting in the US.

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