Illegal Gambling on the Hit List of American Gambling Association

American Gaming Association, Play it Safe

Plans are on the go to stop illegal gambling in the U.S. by establishing committees and starting a massive public campaign.

As black-market gambling is thriving in the U.S. with billions of dollars profit each year, gaming leaders are calling for actions against illegal games. The statement was made at the MGM Resorts ‘Beau Rivage’ by the CEO of American Gaming Association (AGA) Geoff Freeman. He has also alarmed that action is required as soon as possible, latest gambling news claim.

The chief executive, however, said that a clear distinction must exist between the major gambling operators and the tumultuous crowd that was not licensed by AGA. Freeman pointed four major sources for illegal gambling – sports betting out of Nevada, gaming machines, international gambling sites and internet cafes.

Massive public campaign will attack illegal gambling

According to Freeman not only do the mentioned platforms scrape from Americans up to $4b each year, but they are “easy to mistake for a legal operation.” Most of those operators are located in “Central America or places like the Isle of Man.” One such is Poker Stars, that had its poker license turned down by the AGA after a PR campaign against gambling crimes, as per US gambling laws.

A new public campaign will be launched in an effort to stop illegal practices – “Stop Illegal Gambling – Play It Safe.” The initiative is aiming to make law enforcement officials watch more closely for frauds. The new campaign includes gambling research, online info centre and expert advisory body. High-profile gambling leaders have already welcomed the new actions.

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