The Richest Sports Teams in the World on the Forbes 2015 List

The richest sports teams in the world Mr Monopoly

Soccer, baseball and American football teams are again ranked among the richest sports teams worldwide, according to the Forbes.

The Forbes list of the richest sports teams in the world for this year is again comprised by football, rugby and baseball teams on the top.

•Five sports team with value over USD 3 billion each
•Three European football powerhouses on the top 5 list
•Real Madrid is the richest sports team in the world

The numbers behind the names of these teams are incredible. As gambling news report, the total value of the top 5 richest sports teams in the world has raised to an incredible USD 15.8 billion, which is a sufficient indication of the kind of business that the sports nowadays are. There are some considerable novelties on the list in comparison with the one from the last year, although the prizes behind the teams are still growing.

FC Barcelona: Forbes value USD 3.1 billion

The richest sports clubs in the world FC Barcelona snacks

The money is in merchandising. And there’s a lot more to that than replica jerseys.

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is a well now one when the football fields are concerned. But such rivalry also exists in the world of finances. In the last five years, FC Barcelona was constantly raising its position on the Forbes list due to the tripling of its value. As the officials from the club report, FC Barcelona’s value has risen by 21.5% while Real Madrid’s has dropped by 1.5% during this period. In the 2013/14 season FC Barcelona gained USD 530 million from all revenues streams, which is the greatest amount of income in their history, making a profit of USD 41 million. This has reduced the debt of the club for USD 143 million. However according to the officials from the Catalan club there are still many possibilities for the further financial progress of the club which should be realised through the Espai Barça project. Nowadays FC Barcelona is ranked on the fifth place with a value of USD 3.1 billion.

Manchester United: Forbes value USD 3.1 billion

The richest sports clubs Manchester United man

With fans like this all over the world, merchandising is not a problem

Another European football club is on the fourth position of the Forbes list with slightly above the mark of USD 3.1 million: Manchester United. According to online sportsbooks in the UK they were considered to be the richest sports club in the world but in the last five years they have experienced ups and downs. However, in recent times they signed record-breaking sponsorship deals with major companies, which has caused them to be the envy of other clubs. Their current 7-year sponsorship agreement with Chevrolet stands at a massive USD 559 million. German sportswear giant Adidas took over Nike as the official kit provider from the beginning of this season. They agreed to pay The Red Devils close to an astonishing USD 1.18 billion over a ten year period – a figure that is a first of its kind in the world of football. We can now see why they are able to cling on to the top spot on the list.

New York Yankees: Forbes value USD 3.2 billion

The richest sports teams New York Yankees

Which self-respecting wannabe rapper would leave the house without some NY threads on?

There is no surprise when the third place of the list is concerned. The New York Yankees have occupied for years now in the top three richest sports teams in the world. This makes the idea for the new USD 1.5 billion Yankee Stadium very rational, opened in 2009, which shines with luxurious areas from the top of the stadium till the locker rooms of the players. The central offices of the club is a 30,000 square feet complex of pure luxury. Each player has his own locker, equipped with personal computers and safe-deposit boxes. If we add to this the incredible TV agreement with the YES Network valid until 2042, we might with certainty predict that the Yankees will not move soon from this list.

Dallas Cowboys: Forbes value USD3.2 billion

The richest sports teams Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

Cowboys virtually made their legendary cheerleaders into a brand on its own

The second richest sports team in the world also comes from the United States: the Dallas Cowboys. The AT&T stadium commonly known as the Jerry’s World is without a doubt one of the most extravagant stadiums in the world. However the Cowboys are also investing in other places as well. ESPN has recently reported that the Cowboys are the first NFL team that uses virtual reality training methods. As online gambling news in the UK report they signed an agreement with StriVR Labs and constructed even special rooms for the purpose of facilitating this type of training.

Real Madrid: Forbes value USD 3.26 billion

The richest sports teams Real Madrid European trophy room

The giant royal club has a separate room dedicated only to their numerous European cups

The richest sports team in the world however comes from Europe, from the Spanish capital. Real Madrid is this year once again on the top of the Forbes list. This having in mind therefore is not a surprise why the team completed the two most expensive transfers in history. For the first one concerning Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, the team payed GBP 80 million to Manchester United. In 2013, an even more expensive transfer was made. Gareth Bale came to Santiago Bernabeu for an amazing GBP 86 million from Tottenham Hotspur. The amount of more than USD 200 million for two players explains it all.

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