The Sultry 7: Meet the Hottest NBA WAGs

NBA player Victora's Secret Miami Beach

It pays to be an NBA player. Even the league’s signature scrubs have no trouble landing supermodel/pop star/actress wives and girlfriends.

Male professional athletes are young, wealthy, and live charmed lives of luxury, fame, and fortune. It is precisely that kind of men who tend to attract supermodels, actresses, pop stars, and other young, beautiful and otherwise appealing women.

Iggy Azalea is dating Lakers guard Nick Young
Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is married to former NBA player Marko Jaric
Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce in 2013

On the left side of the Atlantic, the NBA is the league with the most to offer in terms of hot celebrity couples. These guys cycle through wives and girlfriends so quickly that we expect online and mobile betting apps to start taking bets on NBA divorces. If the NBA put together an All-WAG team, this is what it would look like:

#1: Iggy Azalea (girlfriend of Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers)

The Australian hip-hop/pop princess can hardly be called a WAG, as her star clearly outshines that of her basketballer boyfriend, Nick Young of the Lakers. But we included her on the list because when Nick isn’t busy missing shots or getting screamed at by Kobe Bryant, he’s comfortably resting in the loving arms of Iggy.

And besides, she is just too irresistible to ignore. Whether you love her music or find her gut-wrenchingly annoying (I can’t seem to make up my mind), it’s Iggy Azalea’s world. We all just live in it.

#2: Adriana Lima (wife of former NBA player Marko Jaric)

Ms. Lima is the most iconic of the Victoria’s Secret angels, and has been called “the most beautiful woman on Earth” more times than Mel Gibson has been called “stark raving psycho.” Lima’s modeling career is still going strong even at age 33; she appeared earlier this month on a catwalk in London’s Earl’s Court wearing a $2 million custom-made Victoria’s Secret bra.

As for hubby Marko Jaric, the native of Serbia was profoundly unimpressive during his seven NBA seasons. But who can fault him? He made tens of millions of dollars and somehow tricked Lima into marrying him, so the guy clearly knows something that the rest of us don’t.

#3: Vanessa Bryant (wife of Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers)

Unlike some of the other women on this list, Mrs. Bryant has tended to stay out of the public spotlight, playing the role of supportive wife and homemaker. She was only 17 when her and Kobe met in 1999, and has stood by him ever since.

Her loyalty has been so strong, even, that she stayed with Kobe following allegations of sexual assault in 2003, having “forgiven him for his adultery.” While their marriage has its share of ups and extremely low downs, it looks like this WAG is in it for the long haul.

#4: Khloe Kardashian (ex-wife of former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom)

Khloe, co-star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is technically is no longer an NBA WAG, as she filed for divorce in December, 2013 (and Odom retired from basketball in 2012). But when writing a list, the #1 rule is: If you can include a Kardashian in your list, you do it!!

The two Los Angeles-based celebs married in 2009 after having dated for only a few months. While they have been supportive of each other even after Khloe filed for divorce, the relationship was very rocky. Rumors have swirled that the divorce stemmed from Odom’s ongoing substance abuse problems.

#5: Gabrielle Union (wife of Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat)

An All-American girl from Omaha, Nebraska, Union has been a well-known movie and television actress since 2000, when she co-starred in Bring it On opposite Kirsten Dunst. She previously dated former NBA Jason Kidd (now the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks) before marrying Heat star Dwayne Wade in August of 2014.

The two celebs have dated off and on since 2009, and Union is now stepmother to Wade’s three sons from prior relationships. At age 42, Union’s Hollywood career is slowing down. But she still looks as good as ever.

#6: Eliza Dushku (ex-wife of former NBA player Rick Fox)

Dushku’s days as an NBA WAG are formally over, as her and former Laker Rick Fox divorced earlier this year. But she’s simply too hot to leave off ANY list. The two were heralded as the NBA’s hottest couple, with Fox appearing as a model in addition to his basketball career. He also made gambling news when rumors swirled that he was spending too much time at Las Vegas poker tables.

Dushku starred in such shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, as well as True Lies (one of Arnold Schwartzenegger’s best-ever films!).

#7: Vanessa Macias (girlfriend of Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs)

The second Vanessa on this list, Macias first rose to prominence as a contestant on the hit reality show The Amazing Race. She provides the looks, charisma, and personality that Tim is lacking. While one of the greatest NBA players in history, he has about as much personality as a hard-boiled egg. Without salt.

Let’s hope that the two can stay together, especially considering that Tim went through an ugly, public divorce in 2013. Proceedings got so nasty that his ex-wife even publicly insinuated that he is a closeted homosexual. After taking a glance at Macias, that looks pretty unlikely.

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