The Washington Wizards Plan Strategically Next Season’s Success

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The Washington Wizards basketball team, which is part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association, is definitely planning seriously its next steps to secure excellent new season.

All players who like to bet on sports in the USA and have placed their wagers for another strong performance of Trevor Ariza next season, made serious mistake as he’s already history for the Wizards, which signed a deal with Houston Rockets and got $8.5 million trade exception as part of the deal.

The strategy

The Washington Wizards are carefully executing their plan to build up strong team for the next season

• The team sold Trevor Ariza to Houston Rockets

• Replaced him immediately with Paul Pierce

• The strategy of attracting good players seems to be working well so far

What is even more interesting is that the team wasted no time and replaced Ariza immediately with Paul Pierce, signing a two-year contract with him for $10 million. This bold move, keeping in mind that Pierce is almost at the end of his career, turning 37 later this year, we can only wait and see what other surprises the Wizards have kept for conquering next season.

The team is definitely showing patience, considering all possible options and offers coming and going, like the potential deal with DeJuan Blair from the Dallas Mavericks, which is still a mystery and unclear if it will turn into reality.

The character which the team and its management are demonstrating at the moment is certainly something to be praised and shows serious intentions for the future without letting any surprises in the way to destabilize the fulfilling of the initial plan.

Old, new and current players

The Wizards seem to have realized that with the approaching start of the season more good players become available for the team than open spots. With the complete finalization of the deal with Pierce, nine spots will be securely taken.

Additionally, the team is re-signing with Garrett Temple and Drew Gooden and it is not a surprise that Al Harrington, who is currently an unofficial summer league coach, may return to the Wizards, which will be great gambling news for everyone who likes to bet on basketball.

As Trevor Booker confirmed that he’s leaving the team, unfortunately for the hard core fans of the Wizards, there is one more roster spot that will probably be filled by Harrington, who will potentially play if he is in good health condition.

All the above mentioned moves by the management of the team show confidence in the decisions, which were taken and the leverage of the team with free agents, who are quite eager to secure jobs, allowing the DC team to pick the best ones, who fit the style of the team and are also willing to sign up contracts for shorter terms.

Some issues to be addressed

Naturally, there are still realms, which the team needs to address and CSN Washington points out some of them.

The first one is the absence of a third point guard to run the offense, helping John Wall and Andre Miller. The next one is another shooter, keeping in mind that Martell Webster is not playing due to back surgery, so the team currently relies on the young Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. and needs someone else to strengthen this important part of the game.

The last important gap to be filled is another big name player, in addition to Marcin Gortat as the starting center. They couldn’t get one in June’s draft and Nene and Kevin Seraphin are not enough to secure a star season.

Therefore, more surprises are expected from the Wizards in the following weeks to come, but one thing is almost for sure they probably won’t fill all the 15 roster spots, as they and traditionally leave one open, in order to have more freedom for action during the season.

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