The week in pictures: September 23-29, 2014

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The week of September 23-29 was all shock and surprise. Unexpected events that \’wow\’-ed us took place all over the world.

Paris Fashion Week was very “va va voom- je ne sais quoi” but that might not qualify as a proper surprise since is fashion and… well, Paris.
Ex Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham had a speech at the UN and a new social network named “Ello” emerged, seriously trying to compete against Facebook. 
Surprise, surprise, India has put a satellite on orbit around Mars and they managed to do that on first attempt; a new computer virus, The Shellshock bug had us all scared as well as iPhone 6 and now we have a new hashtag to check on Twitter: #bendgate.
A woman is playing prince Hamlet of Denmark on a stage in Manchester and another one made Holywood\’s most famous bachelor say \’I do!\’. Boy, we did not see all those coming!

Gambling news were just as full of surprises, I guess, but you can check that for yourselves. Here, we have pics!

1. Public hearings, to discuss plans for a gambling venue in upstate New York, gathered both casinos supporters and opponents that debated the matter for three whole days.

Debate on New York Casino Plans Draws Hundreds

Pros and cons of building casinos in New York   (Photo: Mike Groll/AP)

2. David Walker placed an extremely bad bet. Betting on the wrong horse can cost people fortunes but betting on a rival horse as a jockey can cost you your career.

Jockey Gets Banned for Seven Years for Breaking Betting Rules

Clear case of win-win situation turning loss-loss… (Photo: Corbis via DailyMail)

3. Steve Wynn shared some of his views on the Macau gambling environment and they all seem to be very optimistic. The magnate declared that “the future of Macau is terrific” despite experts\’ projections saying that profits will keep dropping.
Steve Wynn Betting on Macau Casino Growth

Pros and cons on building casinos in New York (Photo: Natalie Cake via RoxburyNews)

4. PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have been part of Amaya Gaming for a short amount of time. In the context of a growing industry Amaya\’s CEO, Mr. David Baazov congratulated himself on the investment.

Investing in online gambling seems a sure thing (Photo: David Boily, La Presse)

Another snooker match involving Jamie Burnett caught the attention of World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. Last time the rumors were put to rest after a thorough investigation. Is this time \’a lot of fuss over nothing\’ as well?

All eyes on Jamie Burnett … again (Photo: SkySports)

Cyprus started planning for a casino because let\’s face it, what\’s a beautiful island in the sun without a casino and without all that money it could collect from casino taxes?

Cyprus is making room for a casino (Photo: Alamy)

7. New gambling laws across USA and heavy competition have rocked some boats in Indiana.

Sink or swim? (Photo: Patrick Reddy/The Cincinnati Enquirer)

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