The Worst Eleven in the History of Real Madrid – Part 1, Defenders

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Real Madrid has been acknowledged by FIFA as the Best Football Club in the 20th Century, however some of their players did not meet the requirements.

Real Madrid is famous for signing “Galacticos” and it has always been their trademark. The best players have to play for the best club, according to the president of the club, Florentino Perez. To follow that statement, he acquired great stars like Zidane, Ronaldo, Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo.

• Adán failed at Los Blancos
• Replacing R. Carlos seemed impossible
• Woodgate was the worst transfer

However, during the history of the Royal Team, some of their players were not exactly on the expected level of skills. Who wouldn’t remember what kind of players wore the White shirt between 2004 and 2009… Let’s see the worst starting XI from the history of Real Madrid.

Antonio Adan was Real Madrid’s weakest-ever goalkeeper

Spanish gambling news reported that Real Madrid’s president firmly believed during his first mandate that signing a defender is a sign of weakness. That is the reason why Florentino Perez sent Claude Makelele away and that is why he did not even try to strengthen the team’s awful defensive line with quality players. He believed in his so-called “Zidanes y Pavones” plan, which meant that top-quality players will be on the midfield and in the attacking line, while the defenders can be just homegrown players. Even if they were not good enough.

This is why football players like Mejias, Pavon, Raul Bravo, etc. all managed to be regular starters at the Royal Club. The worst goalkeeper the Bernabeu has ever seen was probably Antonio Adan. The homegrown keeper started as a great young talent, however, when he got the opportunity to prove himself, he kept failing. He had no confidence at all. He has become regular starter after Mourinho had a fight with Casillas and the legendary keeper suffered an injury. Adán failed to be Real Madrid’s number one goalie.

At the end of that season, he was released on a free transfer and joined Serie A side Cagliari. He didn’t manage to get the number one keeper even there, he played only two games in his first season. Currently he plays in the Spanish second division as the number one goalkeeper of Sevilla-based Real Betis.

Good wing backs were hard to find upon Salgado’s and Carlos’ departure

Heinze Crazy
Roberto Carlos was undoubtedly the best left back in football history. He played for Real Madrid for many years and was untouchable. In addition, on the other side of the field, a certain Michel Salgado was there, who was also one of the best wing-backs of his age. However, these two players were aging and had to leave their club eventually. Replacing them did not go as easy as expected, however the problem is solved by now with Marcelo and Dani Carvajal.

On the left wing, players like Raul Bravo, Royston Drenthe or Gabriel Heinze or Miguel Torres tried to replace their Brazilian predecessor, but not with many success. Raúl Bravo was even part of the Spanish national team, even though the fact that he played horribly for Real Madrid. Then Royston Drenthe also played for Real Madrid for a while. He arrived as the greatest young talent, but he was mentally the weakest. He played without confidence which lead to many funny situations because he missed many clear cut chances.

Yet, online gambling sites in Spain report that the worst left back Real Madrid ever had will be Gabriel Heinze. He arrived from Manchester United in 2007 and left in 2009. He was a regular first team player at that time even though it was completely unreasonable. He played with many faults and made way much more mistakes than what would be expected from a professional defender. He will always be in the memory of the fans of the Royal Club.

To replace Michel Salgado, the legendary wing-back who left in 2009, Real Madrid also had some strange decisions. Playing Sergio Ramos as a right wing resulted in a huge mistake regarding he was one of the most talented central defenders in the world. However, the worst try was homegrown player Miguel Torres, who clearly did not meet the requirements of a club like Real Madrid.

Ingenious transfers

Woodgate Real Debut
The transfer strategy of Florentino Perez lead to horrible defensive skills of the teams, and many failures which resulted in Real Madrid not winning any trophy between 2003 and 2006. Hierro and Helguera were great defenders, but they were aging and the club decided that they will not need to find a replacement on the transfer market but in the reserve team of Real Madrid.

This is the incredible story of how Alvaro Mejía became part of Real Madrid. He started in Real Madrid Castilla and made his way up to the first team where he played 40 games in 3 years. He was not a confident nor a strong player and those abilities lead him making many mistakes. He proved to the club’s president that it indeed is necessary signing defenders.

And so he did. mobile betting sites believe that Jonathan Woodgate was the worst transfer of the 21st century. He spent 3 years at Real Madrid, having played only 9 games due to his injuries. On his debut game he scored an own goal and right after that he got a red card.

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