The Youngest Winner of Da Ma Cai Jackpot Gets Millions

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Few weeks before the Chinese New Year a manager in his late 30s won the amazing MYR 7.58 million Da Ma Cai 1 + 3D jackpot in Malaysia.

As online casinos in Malaysia are forbidden, non Muslim adult players have limited options and Da Ma Cai horse betting is one of the most popular wager opportunities.

The lucky winner commented that this is not his first win, but it’s the biggest one so far. Da Ma Cai, which compiles fully with the Malaysian gambling laws, issued a statement, saying: “the winner had tried his luck with the ‘system bet’ with numbers derived from his family’s vehicle registration numbers and their MyKad numbers.”

The ”System bet” is among players’ favorite bets

The “System bet” provides players with the opportunity to cover all possible combinations of their favorite 1 + 3D numbers. The allowed minimum is three sets of 1 + 3D numbers and the maximum is 480 sets of 1 + 3D numbers.

Two of the seven chosen numbers, 5225 and 3760, were the lucky digits, which the man picked and turned out to be the winning ones. He bought the ticket in Taman Connaught, Cheras. The winner commented that he will put the money in a bank account in order to earn some interest before making the decision where to invest.

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