Therese Johaug’s FIS Nordic World Ski Championship Odds

After missing a full season, Norwegian cross-country skier, Therese Johaug is finally returning in the World Ski Championship, in Tirol. The Nordic World Ski Championship odds are quite positive for Johaug, considering her previous four individual gold medals in the championship and three gold medals in relays.

Therese Johaug's FIS Nordic World Ski Championship Odds
Therese Johaug's FIS Nordic World Ski Championship odds couldn't get better than this

Triple Olympic medalist Johaug has returned to skiing in April 2018, after 18 months of exclusion. Although, her suspension was about to last only two months in the beginning. The skier was tested positive for banned substance clostebol.

According to online sportsbook sites in Norway, Johaug was using an ointment containing the substance in order to treat her sunburnt lips. The high-altitude offseason training in Italy caused her lip burn what needed to recover. Apparently, she was advised what to use the product by the Norwegian team doctor. Inattention over reading the label caused her to be excluded from the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018.

Johuang was focusing on her apparel brand

Johaug admits, she lost her motivation for several months after her verdict. On the other hand, she could focus more on her sports apparel brand. Learning more about marketing and finance, sales of her line of clothing have risen significantly. Additionally, she even attracted new sponsors while being suspended. Most certainly, Johaug became a stronger, more dignified after the forced break.

Earlier achievements: Olympics, and Tour de Ski

Therese JohaugGaining golden Olympic medal in Vancouver in 2010, silver and bronze in Sochi in 2014 was not enough for Johaug. She became the first female Norwegian to finish on the podium of the Tour de Ski competition. In classical and freestyle as well, she has had an outstanding performance.

She has four titles on the World Cup, in overall and distance disciplines:

  • 48 victories and 106 podiums in individual races
  • 14 victories, and 16 podiums in team races.

A fresh start and successful for Johaug

The skier definitely learned not to rely so much on others, and puts it all behind now, focusing on future skiing competitions. The now 30-year-old skiing star wants to continue professional skiing for as long as she can.

Right after her return, she took part in the FIS Cross-Country World Cup, starting in December 2018. Johaug took the first place in several races, just like 10 km classic, 10 km freestyle, and 15 km freestyle. She has been announced the winner of the overall Nordic Opening of the season.

She is looking forward to her next competition in Tirol. Considering her performance, Nordic World Ski Championship odds could not be better. In classic style race, odds for Johaug’s victory are estimated as high as 1.3, while in freestyle 1.2 AT 22Bet Sportsbook.

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