These Are the Casinos Licensed by PAGCOR


Posted: May 26, 2023

Updated: May 26, 2023

  • Playing at licensed casinos is highly important
  • In this article, we'll tell you all about the casinos licensed by PAGCOR

So now let’s talk a bit about casinos licensed by PAGCOR! We all know how important it’s to play at a safe site. Especially these days when you can find dozens of online sportsbooks in the Philippines. In this era of online casinos and gambling, you can never be safe enough. For one thing, there are many casinos out there that are operating without any licenses. And why is that important? Not only it1s illegal but also because if you play at a casino without a license you can easily lose your money and etc. 

Right now we have a series coming up covering the different kinds of licenses that casinos can get. Today we are gonna take a closer look at the casinos licensed by PAGCOR! Shall we begin?

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Casinos Licensed by PAGCOR: Playing in the Philippines

So the topic is casinos licensed by PAGCOR. First thing first what is PAGCOR stands for? It’s short for Philippine Amusement and Gaming CorporationSo let’s talk about the online casino sites in the Philippines that are actually safe and you can trust!

You might not know this but in the Philippines, they take gambling very seriously. That means that in case you are planning a trip there in the summer and was wondering if gambling is safe there the short answer is yes! What’s more, in South East Asia the Philippines is the only country that has normal regulation about online gambling.

Well, just that fact makes us feel good about that country’s gambling. All in all, before we go any further now you can be sure that playing in the Philippines is very safe and you don’t have to worry if you visit a site that is licensed by PAGCOR! What’s more, PAGCOR is also in control of the land-based casinos. So whether it’s an online one or a land-based one if PAGCOR said it’s okay you know it’s indeed an okay place. 

PAGCOR’s Role in the County

As we mentioned PAGCOR is a very important thing in the Philippines. What’s more, it also plays a huge role in the government’s life too. So let’s get down deeper into the casinos licensed by PAGCOR topic. 

Casinos Licensed by PAGCOR
Picture Source: Flickr

The national budget of the government is strongly supported by PAGCOR. It gives back more than half of the money it makes to the national treasury, which it uses to support charitable causes, sports grants, and programs that combat drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, money that are still held by PAGCOR are used to support social needs like housing and jobs.

When Was PAGCOR Estabilished?

What do you think when was PAGCOR established? Many people don’t know this fact and they think it has been around for maybe a few years, or 10 years at max. However, PAGCOR was established more than 30 years ago! Amazing, right? So people are able to play at casinos licensed by PAGCOR for 30+ years. When you think about the Philipines you would not expect that they have had a smooth gambling licensing system like that for so many years. 

Casinos Licensed By PAGCOR: A Turning Point

As we mentioned before PAGCAR was established more than 30+ years ago. However, there was a turning point in it’s life as it usually happens. PAGCOR’s profitability began to turn around in 2017. It was the year when gross income for the year surpassed a staggering P60 billion. The authorization of online casinos was most likely the source of the cash.

Casinos Licensed by PAGCOR
Picture Source: Public Domain Pictures

Unsurprisingly, PAGCOR internet gaming declined in 2020. According to PHILWeb/PAGCOR, casino earnings have decreased from their heydays before Covid-19 to P542 million. So when we talk about casinos licensed by PAGCOR we should be clear with these facts too. 

List of Casinos Licensed by PAGCOR:

Play at any of the following casinos if you are looking for trustable places!

All in all, once again we would like to tell you that the Philippines is 100% trustable when it comes to gambling. Well, to be more specific casinos licensed by PAGCOR are for sure. Play at the sites we mentioned when you are playing at any online casino in the Philippines! So be ready to have a wonderful time in this beautiful country next time you visit it. And in the meantime be sure to follow our page and check out our newest articles. We have all kinds of casino games and sports bets covered each day, what’s more, we also have some other casino-licensed topics coming up!

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