These Are the Top 3 Players to Watch in the 2017 MLB Playoffs

Players to watch in the 2017 MLB playoffs

With the World Series closing in, now is a great time to break down some of the top players to watch in the 2017 MLB playoffs.


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Instead of focusing only on odds however, this article will take a look at a few players to watch in the 2017 MLB playoffs, while also listing each of these players’ teams odds to win this years baseball championship.


Justin Verlander: Houston Astros

34 year old Justin Verlander is one of the most experienced pitchers in the 2017 MLB playoffs, having won numerous awards during his career including the All-Star award and Cy Young Award. Throughout this season, he’s been instrumental in helping the Astros find success during the postseason.


2017 World Series winner odds

  • La Dodgers: 2.00
  • Houston Astros: 2.20
  • New York Yankees: 13.00
  • Chicago Cubs: 13.00

Some MLB betting experts feared that Verlander’s best days were behind him, but he’s proved them wrong by increasing his average pitch speed during the playoffs and has looked phenomenal in recent games.


Verlander is without a doubt one of the top players to watch in the 2017 MLB playoffs. He’s helped his team to 2-0 against the Yankees in the league championship series, and is a major reason why the Astros are now a World Series betting favorite with odds of 2.20 to win.


Clayton Kershaw: Los Angeles Dodgers

Speaking of dominant pitchers, Clayton Kershaw is one of LA’s most valuable players right now. While he’s been criticized at times for allowing runs in postseason games, he’s still shown moments of brilliance and is majorly responsible for his team’s success this year.

According to recent reports, Kershaw is “ready to go” for game 3 against the Cubs this week. He’ll have recorded 7 days of rest heading into this game feels confident he will perform to his full potential.


LA holds an impressive 2-0 lead against the Cubs heading into game 3. There’s no doubt that Kershaw is one of the top players to watch in the 2017 MLB playoffs and if he can get the job done in game 3 the Dodgers’ odds to win the World Series may raise even higher than most online sportsbooks in the US list them at 2.00.


Gary Sanchez: New York Yankees

The Yankees are struggling heading into the final playoff series, and will need to make some changes in order to get the series win against the Astros. One player that Yankee fans are leaning on is power hitter Gary Sanchez.


At just 24 years of age, Sanchez is seen as one of the Yankees most promising players, recently breaking the record for most home-runs in a single season by a Yankees catcher. Of course, the postseason hasn’t exactly been kind to Sanchez who’s struck out on multiple occasions, but his abilities are there and may show themselves in game 3 this week.


It’s a shame that some are now calling for Sanchez to be benched for the majority of the postseason considering what he did for the team during the regular season. If he can begin to hit like he was a few months ago, the Yankees have a real shot at making US gambling news
by winning the World Series.


Who do you think are the top players to watch in the 2017 MLB Playoffs? Tell us in the comment section, and head to Intertops Sportsbook to find a full list of 2017 World Series betting odds.

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