This Could Be Your Last Chance To Bet On Donald Trump

  • USA On Edge As Forty Fifth Presidency Climaxes
  • Bet On Donald Trump Returning Later At Bovada
  • Further Demonstrations Likely Before Inauguration
Bet On Donald Trump
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There are troops in the halls of power. The FBI are wailing the end is nigh. Congress is turning against him and his lawyer’s bills are high. They’re packing up the White House, he’s walking out the door, but you can now bet on Donald Trump coming back, in 2024. Online sportsbook sites in the US will give 11/1 that parts of rightwing America will re-elect their favored son. But whilst the odds over at Bovada, might tempt a zealous few, the rest of us should ignore it, it really isn’t true.  

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Donald Trump, the congress said, incited a violent mob. He hinted they should attack the congress, a betrayal of his job. So they impeached him for a second time, a first for this aging nation. But there was no sense of them winning much or any celebration. The riot had reflected badly upon the USA, with politicians and commentators struggling for what to say. The crowd had assaulted democracy. Given it a massive thump, but even now in the USA, you can still bet on Donald Trump.

Apparently, the bookies, like Bovada just for one, think this isn’t over, that Donald isn’t done. He may return, they seem to say, in twenty-twenty-four. Despite all of his foibles and possible breaking of the law? This would seem unlikely, even golf has turned its cheek, but could he really stand again, after the events of just last week? Nah. So a bet on Donald Trump then, to win his high office back, isn’t like a bet on sports in the US, it’s naught but a Trump supporter trap.  

Bet On Donald Trump
The new statue of liberty if Trump gets reelected

US Congress Now Impeaches Donald Trump For His Speeches

The rioters, those who bet on Donald Trump, have nicely assisted US law enforcement. They all took video of themselves committing crimes, thinking they had Trump’s endorsement. Rounding up these foolish folk falls to the FBI. They’ve asked for all public’s help and seen tip-offs multiply. Whilst they’re all doing that, however, the militias aren’t standing still. They have fifty-second amendment protests on the 17th, which could be a challenge to even Snoop Dogg’s chill.  

US Election Winner Odds

  • Tucker Carlson – 33/1
  • Dwayne Johnson – 28/1
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  – 25/1
  • Ivanka Trump – 25/1
  • Mike Pence – 14/1
  • Nikki Haley – 14/1
  • Donald Trump – 11/1
  • Joe Biden – 4/1
  • Kamala Harris – 7/2
  • More odds at Bovada…

There are 20,000 soldiers in the Capitol, sleeping wherever they may. They’re there to protect democracy until inauguration day. It shouldn’t be necessary, not in the United States, but apparently, Trump supporters, are the enemy at the gates. Who is now in the US gambling laws are secure? When rampaging mobs are at the congress’ door? Alas, you can really bet on Donald Trump, to try again with a different stunt. Sadly, now a political disgrace, he should long ago have lost with grace. 

Bet On Donald Trump
Happy as a bird with a fry

It Gets Ever Harder To Bet On Donald Trump At Bovada  

Bovada and the bookies giving him 11/1, is an exercise in silliness, Donald Trump is done. With the Dems in charge of congress, house and senate too, they’ll be out for his blood, watch them turn the screw. But that you can still bet on Donald Trump is a symptom, not a cause. The US will have to face its issues, to avoid some civil wars. Partisan politics brought their great nation to the very brink, perhaps it was just enough to make voters stop and think. But only for a moment.

Year Of Trump’s Departure

  • 2023 – 1000/1
  • 2024 – 500/1
  • 2022 – 500/1
  • 2025+ – 50/1
  • 2021 – 1/100

Of course, the inauguration will happen, Biden will take the reins, but the nation faces a future that includes some growing pains. There’s a lot on his agenda, things he must get done, unlike his predecessor, he’ll not have time for fun. So, whilst you can bet on Donald Trump, at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, you should really find something else, just look a little harder. There’s plenty of alternatives to such a silly wager, like Tiger Woods to this year win a golfing major (for instance).   

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We take a look at why those, in the USA, can still bet on Donald Trump, even up until today

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