Time To Bet On Indian Cricket To Shine In Sri Lanka

Bet On Indian Cricket

As the tri-series between Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka takes up residence in the R Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo and Fica the Cricketing union calling for curbs on the rise of Twenty20 matches just who should you be backing to win when Bangladesh take on the hosts? Sat in a casino in India the answer might seem obvious, but upsets are ten-a-penny in the twenty20 world so maybe those odds you can find online are misleading. We take a look.

  • You can bet on Indian cricket stars to be paying close attention.
  • Sri Lanka get just 1/2 to win against the visitors.
  • Bangladesh languish on 7/5 to gain a surprise victory in Colombo.
  • Will Twenty20 cricket destroy the fabric of test cricket?

The tri-series in Maligawatta is a perfect example of the fun cricket the authorities fear will obliterate test cricket over the coming years. Each game a day/night affair in the superb and purpose built stadium bringing all the action to a packed 35,000 strong crowd in a far shorter time span than the tradition five days of a test. This also means if you take advantage of Indian gambling laws to back either Bangladesh or Sri Lanka you need not wait till the end of the week to find out if you’ve won or not.

The Twenty20 Games Is Great For A Bet On Indian Cricket

Whilst India are almost certainly a shoo-in for the series win (ask in any poker room in India and they’ll tell you as much) the other two sides are quite closely matched and the games twixt those two will be of most interest to neutral fans. That said if you look into doing some online gambling in India you’ll find the bookies are giving Bangladesh just 7/5 to take the win whilst Sri Lanka get a far more favorable 1/2 but just remember, this is a rapid fire series and fatigue could play a part in proceedings.

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