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Posted: May 13, 2024

Updated: May 13, 2024

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Have you ever seen a politician sitting at a poker table? Well, we have seen a poker table creating politicians. This time, it is the other way around. Learn more about the famous Tony G, better known as Antanas Guoga, who has conquered the world of politics, poker, and business. We will introduce you to the Tony G net worth level of money-making today!

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Today we are going to give you an introduction to one of the strangest phenomena in the world of poker. A true high-roller who knows how to flip the cards. After all, he was a politician and a member of the European Parliament. Who knew that you could find a politician while playing at some of the online poker sites in Lithuania? While it is hard to reach the Tony G net worth level of wealth, at the same time?

Despite all of that, he is still not the richest person when it comes to poker. Or at least, not registered from poker winnings and general income. Learn the story and current state of the Lithuanian poker professional, who traveled between the European Parliament, and the WSOP. Renovating train tracks, then pissing Phil Hellmouth off when he is losing to someone who is a total beginner. What a guy!

About Tony G Net Worth

Let’s start with the fact that he is one of the stars of gambling. His real name is Antanas Guoga, and he is a Lithuanian former politician and all-time poker professional. According to the Technopedia, his net worth is roughly $36 million. This is all things considered, but we can not say whether he has assets that could double, triple, or just modify these results. However, one thing is a fact about Tony G, and it is that he is constantly winning in poker.

He just understands how to manipulate the room, and knows very well when it is time to shatter someone’s ego at the table. The better they are at the game, the stronger he is against them. After all, bullying a beginner is not a good picture. But to make a professional frustrated as a fellow professional? Now that is his specialty, and we have seen it several times. If you are interested in playing poker too, we recommend you to start at Juicy Stakes.

The poker politician

Funny, Charismatic, Honest

Tony G net worth is irrelevant when he has something not many possess: Humor. He is among the funniest characters in Gambling, and we are all laughing when he is on the screen. He elevates the mood of the table, and knows who are the ideal targets to make frustrated, while he also supports others. Of course, his support is only there to make others annoyed.

He knows how to be a dominant, charismatic person without being obnoxious. This is why many people adore seeing him in the play. On top of that, his bluffing game is on-spot, and he understands the value of the cards very well. No wonder he keeps winning tournaments, and why he is always mentioned together with the greatest names in the poker community.

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Being A Former Politician – Tony G Net Worth

So, as you’ve read before, he was a member of the European Parliament. He was a Lithuanian politician, who represented his country very well. While there is little known about his politics, his political profile could be described as:

  • Member of: Labour Party Political Group (Lithuania) 
  • Deputy Chair: Committee on Foreign Affairs.
  • Head, Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations for the People’s Republic of China, Australia, Oceania, and the United Arab Emirates. (Source; Wikipedia)

According to Reddit, he was a good politician. People did not hear too much about him, which means that he was likely doing honest work. He made some motions to make a train path more sustainable. His name was featured in the ‘Paradise Papers’ case, which you can interpret in any way you would like. As a politician, he had a rather handsome income.

Tony G crypto investments

Investing Into Cryptocurrencies

There is another business he owns, which will likely not add up to his official net worth. Because Tony G net worth data is only available on his public income. However, he has two Holding companies. These holding companies are essentially holding valuable assets, purchasing them in large quantities, hoping that their value will increase. One of his greatest businesses is a cryptocurrency business.

According to Cypherpunk Holdings, they are seeking to purchase valuable cryptocurrencies in the hopes of either utilizing them or exchanging them when their value increases. He has acquired roughly two million shares of Animoca Brands. Essentially, he has a whole lot of liquid assets, which can be turned into greater wealth which can jump-kick him to the top of the richest poker players list.

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From Poker – Tony G Net Worth

Of course, you can not receive such money just by being funny. Even if you are among the iconic poker personalities, the money from poker is only a small fraction of what poker players make. Essentially, their games are broadcasted, their books and lessons are sold, and their name is marketed and copyrighted. These people receive money for being a part of the community. When they win something big, that will surpass the cash they annually receive from the rights on their names.

He has won roughly  $11,200,000 from poker, but keep in mind that this is just a sum of his winnings. Equally, we have to deduce his total losses. His earnings would roughly make $1,886,714 by 2024, which has the losses deducted. Essentially, he managed to balance out his wins and losses to still be profitable.

high roller poker players

Where To Play Like A Politician?

Now that you know Tony G’s history, let us make one thing clear: It is extremely unlikely that anyone who is reading this will ever reach the Tony G net worth level of wealth. He was a politician, investment businessman, sports team sponsor, and professional poker player, among many more things we could title him. However, everyone starts somewhere, and of course, it is undeniable that they had to start writing their stories too.

Make sure to not try to chase his current goals. Thus, please stay responsible while playing gambling games. Make sure to have a safe budget, and start with small tournaments. Use your small winnings to build a sum poker budget, and use that budget to risk bigger tournaments. To start small, please register at Juicy Stakes.

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