Top 10 slot game names

top 10 slot game names

Most online slot games are entertaining, but some achieve a level of genius rarely seen in online casinos. Here are the top 10 slot game names!

Top 10 slot game names:

10: Untamed Giant Panda

This popular slot transports you from the world of online casinos to deepest China, where wild pandas roar. For those who love both animals and online casino games, this is certainly one the top 10 slot game names.

Untamed Giant Panda

If you like slot games and wild animals, try this…

9: Karate Pig

Unsurprisingly, this slot revolves around pig martial arts. Players inhabit the world of a mystical Japanese pig, for whom Karate is but one of his many talents: the pig is also a sushi chef, philosopher, and musician. Go to 32Red Casino if you don’t believe!

8: Frankenslots Monster

This pun is a monstrous creation, conceived of deep in the laboratories of online casino game designers. But remember, Frankenstein is the doctor, not the monster he births! Play it at Chancehill Casino.

7:Plants v Zombies

Even those of a botanical bent would disagree that plants are not well suited to fighting zombies. However, that’s what happens in this game. You have to play it to believe it.

6: Geckos gone Wild

Why geckos? Aren’t they already wild? Don’t ask too many questions, it is fun. But it’s definitely one of the top 10 slot game names.

Frankenslots Monster

Frankenslots Monster is for fans of puns and horror!

5: Clockwork Oranges

Ah, a Kubrick reference? No. This game is solely citrus-centred, with no relation to the classic film. That quirky coincidence makes it one of the best slots if you Play online casinos in the EU.

4: Alaxe in Zombieland

If Lewis Carroll designed a slot, this would be it. Halfway between the classic children’s story and The Walking Dead, this game’s creativity makes it easily one of the top 10 slot game names.

3: Harry Trotter the Pig Wizard

This video slot with a progressive jackpot is a great game, but also an incredibly creative title. It doesn’t take magic to win big on this slot! It’s based on the popular arcade slot that will be well known to those who don’t gambling online in the UK. And that slot was of course named after a book, which didn’t features, pigs…

2: Mega Moolah ISIS

When it was released, this Egyptian-God themed slot didn’t have the craziest title, but recent events have catapulted it high up the list of the top 10 slot game names. It’s completely unrelated to the (so-called) Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (roughly translated), and takes place in thousands of years and many miles from the area! Play it at 32Red casino.

Mega Moolah ISIS

Mega Moolah ISIS is not terrorist related…

1: Machine Gun Unicorn

Unicorns. With machine guns for horns. Find it at Bet365 Casino.

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