Top 4 Bets on the EU in 2019

What are the top four events to shake up the EU in 2019? We predict the future of the European Union to be hit by new referendums in all of Italy, Poland and Spain. Italy might also consider leaving the Eurozone. In addition, Mark Rutte could become the new president of the European Commission, at least according to the bookies.

Bets on the EU in 2019
These are the newest bets on the EU

Best online sportsbooks in Portugal expect new political realities to take place in the EU very soon. Brexit debate is having more and more effect on the rest of the club members. The European Union in 2019 might witness a new wave of referendums coming from Italy, Poland and Spain.

The Eurozone might lose one of its oldest members: Italy. Besides, Jean-Claude Junker will no longer be the head of the European Commission after the European Parliament election in May. Mark Rutte will probably replace him as the new Commission President.

1. Italy to Hold a Referendum

The two anti-establishment parties that currently rule the government M5S and Lega have softened their stance in regards to taking Italy out of the EU. The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte recently said

“Read my lips: for Italy there is no chance of Italexit”.

Italy EU referendumHowever, that does not mean Italy’s relations with the EU have improved. On the contrary, Italy decided to go against the advice of the European Commission and increase the public spending. Should the situation heat up the Italian government might decide to hold a referendum with 15 odds at Internet Sportsbook sites in Portugal.

2. Poland & Spain Also Prefer Holding A Referendum

Whenever the topic of EU referendum is being raised, pro-European Sweden pops up on top of the list. That is because the far-right Sweden’s Democrats, who promised to push for a referendum, won 17.5% of the vote in last general election. The odds are 21 at 1xBet Sportsbook, for Sweden to hold a referendum, but we do not recommend betting on such idea. Sweden is currently ruled by the centre-right who are totally against the referendum.

When betting on the European Union referendum you may consider either Poland (21) or Spain (34). Poland’s relations with the EU have deteriorated since Andrzej Duda was elected in 2015. He is trying to push forward the prospect of holding a vote on the nation’s EU membership. On the other hand, 65% of Spaniards welcomed the idea of having an EU referendum, according to a poll conducted by Pew Research Center.

3. Italy to Leave Euro

To many analysts Italy is euro’s major weakness with its high public debt reaching to 131% in 2018. It is also suffering from low growth since the euro was formed in 1999. The commitment of the current government to expand welfare and cut taxes instead of limiting its debt and deficit might cause another crisis. As a result, Italy might decide to leave the eurozone with 8 at 1xBet Sportsbook.

However, many analysts do not recommend betting on Italy to leave the eurozone. They rather believe Italy will stay with 1.05. The two ruling parties M5S and Lega are no longer calling to depart the common currency pact. After clinching the victory, they softened their stance overtime.

4. Mark Rutte to Become the Commission President

Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte have said recently that he is not after a top job in Brussels, referring to a potential candidacy for the European Council position. However, he also added that if he has to choose a top job in Brussels he would rather become the president of the European Commission. Online sportsbooks in Portugal agree with him, offering 11 odds on Mr. Rutte to become the Commission President in 2019.

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