Top 5 Poker Facts You May Not Know

  • The early versions of Poker was played with just 20 cards
  • Poker is the most lucrative sport in the world
  • A game of Poker once lasted nearly eight and a half years
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Many users who are seriously interested in poker want to know everything about this game. They are interested in history and the news. This is not surprising, because if a person wants to begin to understand a certain field, then he must learn all the details about it. Online poker sites in the US are full of diverse information. Here also we will try to help you. We will move away from theory and tell you the top 5 poker facts you may not know. The reading of which is a great way to spend time relaxing between game sessions.

Universities, higher education, then routine work for small salaries have already receded into the background. Today young people want to get expensive cars, apartments and beautiful surroundings as soon as possible and poker was the solution to this.

Do you know that the concept of poker is often intertwined with the concept of “freedom”? Financial freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of movement – these are some of the most important human freedoms that everyone relies on. If you are interested, then you can check online poker news in the US and, of course, read our top 5 poker facts you may not know.

Top 5 Poker Facts You May Not Know

If you don’t like visiting crowded places and prefer playing online poker in the US, this article can be useful for you also. You can also read 2020 poker world predictions, and get some more information. We can bet that you will be interested enough to check the facts. 

About one hundred and fifty varieties of poker are known. However, the fact that becoming a professional poker player is easier than becoming, for example, a professional football player is great, isn’t it? Here are the top 5 poker facts you may not know:

top 5 poker facts you may not know, poker history, interesting poker facts, online poker sites in the US
Kings in Deck of Cards Image source: Ulfgeir Hammerstad / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Fact 1: What do poker Kings mean?

4 cards of the Kings depict great figures of past times:

The king of clubs personifies the commander Alexander of Macedon.

The worm card is similar to Karl the First.

The Peak King – King David, known throughout the world.

The last one represents Julius Caesar.

Fact 2: The origin of poker chips

Until the 1800s, players didn’t use poker chips for betting. Players used gold coins and other jewelry. A little later, they began to make chips from wood. In size, they were slightly larger than modern poker chips.

Fact 3: Election through poker

In New Mexico, there is a law that if candidates have an equal number of votes, then the poker game will be the solution. It happened in 1998. Two candidates scored 68 votes. Then a poker game decided which candidate would lead the city.

Fact 4: Nowadays, gambling legislation is rather controversial in different countries. In Ukraine, poker is an official sport. In China, you can easily get into jail for playing poker.

Fact 5: Do you know that out of 52 cards you can create 2598960 poker combinations.

Poker history: the most popular game in the world 

If you compare all the known games, then poker can surely be called the most popular of them. People play poker more than any other game in the world. By the number of participants, football, hockey, and even the most famous computer games cannot argue with him. According to statistics of online gambling sites in the US, more than 400 million people sit at poker tables every year, and every week more than 40 million players spend at least 5 hours playing.

Besides the top 5 poker facts you may not know, we want to share something even more interesting about poker. The first written mention of poker dates back to the early 19th century. However, the history of the game has more than 450 years. It originated in Europe. Sailors, who were traveling around the world invented poker. They saw card games in other countries. For example in India, China etc. Gathering different rules from different games, they gradually formed a separate game, which is now called poker and, in turn, has many varieties.

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