2020 Poker World Predictions

  • Players on party poker were greeted with a new software update on Thursday
  • WSOP Main Event will break attendance record
  • Prague will take the unspoken title of a gambling Mecca
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Indeed, money is not the only thing to win this year.  Since the five-figure online bracelet event will have its debut. For all poker lovers around the world, 2020 Poker World Predictions can be the most important piece of information they can get at the start of a new year. Regarding this, there is some good news. 

It’s no secret that over time everything changes. Poker as well. New varieties, new disciplines appear which you can find on online casinos like Bovada Casino. Let’s take a look at  2020 Poker World Predictions about poker programs. If you are new in poker, then it’s time to use auxiliary programs to increase profits. Here is the list of Poker Programs which will be popular in 2020:

  • Ace Poker Drills 
  • 888Caption  and Leak Buster 2
  • Leak Buster 2 
  • PartyCaption

The most massive tournament will return as part of the WSOP 2020

2020 Poker World Predictions, new poker programs, World Series of Poker 2020, online poker sites in the United States
The Wsop Champion Bracelet Author: Photos by flipchip / [CC BY-SA]
The organizers of the World Series of Poker have published some dates of the most important tournaments that will be held at the WSOP in May-July 2020.

Among others, the dates of the Main tournament and the tournament of veterans became known. Also, they announced the return of Big 50. Without a doubt, this event became the most massive in online poker sites in the United States.

2020 Poker World Predictions are all about the culmination of the World Series. As we can see on online sportsbook news in the United States, it will be the main tournament with a buy-in of $ 10,000. The winner of which for a year will take himself the title of World Champion in poker. 

Where will the poker capital of the world be in 2020?

Las Vegas claims to be the poker capital this year. According to 2020 Poker World Predictions, Las Vegas does not have any chances. First, it is far away, especially for players from Europe and Asia. Secondly, the climate there is not the best: +40 degrees in the shade. Thus, Las Vegas can claim the title of poker capital, but only for 2 months a year – June and July, when the WSOP is held here. It doesn’t matter for you which will be the capital? Moreover, you like to play online poker, then you should have a look at these online poker sites in the United States. 

However, we go straight from west to east. The second city is Macau. As you understand, historically, Macau has always been and remains a money magnet. There are 4 dozen casinos with fairly well-known names: Wynn, Venetian, City of Dreams. It should be noted that a couple of years ago, the poker world was closely following Macau. Now, this city is rightly considered the capital of poker in the east.

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