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Top 6 Horses To Bet On

If you are a beginner at horse racing, then this article is for you. Because we dedicated this list of top 6 horses to bet on to help you out. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the safest betting picks. However, keep in mind that horse racing is hard to predict. Because we cannot guarantee the victory of these horses. However, they have been performing exceptionally well in the last four years.

Furthermore, everyone claims these horses are the best from all over the world. However, there are many promising horses you can bet on at the online sportsbook sites in the US. If you are unfamiliar with racing books, then check out our Horse racing betting guide. Because we are going to explain everything you need to jump right into wagering. However, the following list is going to help you pick the right horse.

1 Life Is Good – Top 6 Horses to Bet On

According to America’s Best Racing, this horse is the best at the moment. Because his performance is similar to the old and iconic Hungarian racing horse, Kincsem. Therefore, you should try and bet on Life Is Good while you can. Because in the world of horse racing, the performance peak will slowly descend as the horse ages. Therefore, Life Is Good is at its peak right now.

Furthermore, you can bet on this horse right away after registering at 20Bet Sportsbook. Because Life Is Good is one of the racing horses in the upcoming Breeder Cup Classic. He won one of the biggest horse racing events, the Pegasus on January 29, 2022. Furthermore, he finished fourth in the Dubai World Cup. He is going to compete with Nature Strip for the title of the best horse in the current 3-years-olds league.

2 Baaeed – The Best on Turf

According to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Baaeed is one of the most promising horses on the field right now. Because he is leading the list of the top 6 horses to bet on today. Therefore, he has the highest score on Longines, with a rating of 125. Furthermore, his trainer is acknowledged worldwide by the horse racing community. The Great Britannian racing horse left the judges shocked with his outstanding performance.

Therefore, many professionals claim that they would put their money on Baaeed at Ascot. Furthermore, he is in the two-years-old league. This means that the peak of his career is just beginning. Because we know that most racing horses are in their prime during their three-year-old career. However, it is an understatement that Baaeed has no competition. Therefore, you should take advantage of this wonder of a horse. Because finding a gem like Baaeed is extremely difficult.

3 Nature Strip – Top 6 Horses to Bet On

We have previously mentioned the name of Nature Strip. No wonder why, because he is high on the list of the top 6 horses to bet on. Because Nature Strip is an Australian thoroughbred. He is in his seventh year-old season. Therefore, we are speaking of a veteran old horse. However, one of the best horse racing tips for beginners is to not underestimate an old horse.

Because these races are separated by year. Therefore, he is racing another seventh year-old horse. Therefore, Nature Strip is legitimately among the best racing horses in the whole world. In 2021, he won Everest, one of the richest racing turfs in the world. He brought AUD 6.2 million in prizes just during the last year with one victory.

4 Knicks Go – The Fastest Horse

Knicks Go was the pride of American Horse racing. Because he was fairly unbeaten up until the 2022 Pegasus World Cup. Therefore, he was beaten by Life is Good just by 3/14 lengths. However, everyone says that the competition between Knicks Go and Life Is Good is not over yet. Therefore, he is still the top horse according to the Longines.

His total score is 128 PT, while Life Is Good is much behind in ninth place with 123 points. However, his jockey, Joel Rosario is not going to back away from racing with this horse. Therefore, as you are reading this article, you are waiting for one of the most anticipated races of the year. Because Knicks Go and Life is Good is going to be the main race of this year.

5 Winning Brew – Top 6 Horses to Bet On

Winning Brew is legitimately the fastest horse in the whole world. Therefore, he is not the best at racing other horses. However, there are many different types of horse racing formats. You can learn about the less competitive formats in our other article called: Horse Racing 103. Therefore, if you are interested in score racing, then you will never lose when betting on Winning Brew. Because this horse is a massive sport betting favorite.

Therefore, everyone who has placed a bet will tell you that Winning Brew is their go-to when it comes to length roads. Her peak performance was 402 meters, with 70.76 km/h. Therefore, everyone acknowledges the fact that her speed cannot be outperformed right now. This is why she is one of the top 6 horses to bet on.

6 Golden Sixty – Top 6 Horses to Bet On

Finally, the last horse on the list of top 6 horses to bet on is Golden Sixty. Because this Australian racing horse brought home first place in the Hong Kong Triple Crown in 2021. At the moment, Golden Sixty is running his sixth year in his career. Therefore, he grabbed another first place at the Champions Mile 2022.

However, this horse is not undefeated. Because he is constantly jumping back and forth between first and second place. However, he still received an invitation to the Yasuda Kinen race held by the Japanese Racing Association. Therefore, Golden Sixty is not only an Australian star. Because this horse is famous in every single region of the east.

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