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Posted: March 9, 2023

Updated: March 9, 2023

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Mountain climbing is one of the hardest sports in the world, so it’s no wonder that even those who no one thought could do it want to show their strength. If you scroll down, you can read about the top 6 unique mountain climbers and their unbelievable stories!

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The most outstanding athletes prove that blindness, a missing limb, or age are no obstacles if you really want something. Unfortunately, being healthy is not a given, but even living with a disability allows you to live a happy and full life if you really want to. The following stories in which people who are not completely healthy achieve goals that many healthy people are unable to are proof of that. Mountain climbing is probably the last sport you would guess, yet the summits have been conquered by athletes who had to face more challenges than others. 

The Man Who Climbed with an Additional 75-Kilo Barbell

Russian powerlifter, Andrey Rodichev, invented a completely new sport when he climbed Europe’s highest peak, the Elbrus, with a 75-kilogram barbell. It is not easy for many people to push press this weight for a long time in a gym, but Andrey completed mountain climbing with this challenge. By the way, climbers start climbing with an average backpack of 25-30 kilos, but they often leave things behind in order to complete the climb with a lighter weight. 

Top 6 unique mountain climbers
Picture Source: Flickr

Andrey’s average speed was 50 meters per hour, so he needed incredible endurance to carry out his plan. By climbing the mountain, he wanted to draw attention to the local powerlifting association, of which he was a member, but due to the lack of equipment and support, the young people trained there in poor conditions. With this noble purpose, Andrey hit the news and achieved what he fought for. Check out weightlifting bets at 1XBet Sportsbook!

Top 6 Unique Mountain Climbers: The Oldest Climber on Everest

After the turn of the millennium, the phenomenon of older people starting to climb the highest mountain on Earth, the 8,850-meter-high Mount Everest, became a tradition. Mountain climbing is one of the top super tough sports, but, especially in Japan’s rapidly aging society, it has become symbolic to prove what older people are capable of. One of the top 6 unique mountain climbers’ stories began in 2003 when Yuichiro Miura broke the record of the Italian Mario Curnist and reached the highest point of the mountain at the age of seventy.

He prepared hard for years until he climbed Everest in 2003 at 70, seven months, and ten days. Miura repeated this five years later, but then he could no longer break the record because the 76-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan from Nepal beat him to it.


Then a difficult period came in Miura’s life. He was treated for a heart rhythm disorder, underwent surgery twice, and had to stop doing everything for a year to recover. When he returned to sports in 2009, he broke his pelvis in a skiing accident and cracked his left femur, so doctors said he would never be able to walk again.

In 2013, Japanese mountaineer Yuichiro Miura became the oldest man to climb Everest again. By the way, the man had been to Everest at the age of 70 and 75, but no one thought that he would attempt it again at the age of 80. Not only because he broke his pelvis and femur a few years earlier but because of his heart condition. However, that didn’t hold Miura back! He did prep hikes with heavy gear and ran on a treadmill in a low-oxygen room at home to prepare his body for the strenuous climb.

Incredible Willpower!

It didn’t particularly bother him, and a few years later, he was climbing the Himalayas again. However, he had to fly home because of another heart rhythm problem and the flu, which caused his heart to stop in the hospital, where they had to resuscitate him. They performed the fourth heart surgery on him in January 2013, but in May, at the age of 80 years and 224 days, he stood on the summit of Mount Everest again, this time with his son Gota.

Before that, he dieted, regularly consumed cooked rice, eggs, fish, fermented soybeans, and traditional Japanese miso soup, and of course, he exercised relentlessly. Each day, Miura walked five and a half kilometers from his office to the Tokyo station with a five-kilogram weight on his legs and a thirty-kilogram weight on his back.

On the mountain, he changed tactics, moving more slowly because of his heart, and even the team with him was amazed by his performance. However, he wasn’t the only climber over seventy! In 2008, aged 76, the Nepalese Min Bahadur Sherchan also made it to the highest point of Mount Everest, just like Japanese Tamae Watanabe at the age of 73, Kacusuke Janagisawa at 71, and the seventy years old Takao Arajama. 

The First Man to Climb Everest Without Arms

In 2013, Miura was not the only record holder on the world’s highest peak. That same year, 30-year-old Sudarshan Gautam became the first mountain climber to reach the summit after a double arm amputation. The man lost his arms in an accident while flying a hang glider in Nepal. The kite became entangled in electrical cables, and unfortunately, Gautam was severely hurt. 

As a result of severe burns, the doctors performed a double arm amputation on him. Despite this, Gautam has not stopped doing extreme sports and lives by his motto, which states that disability does not equal powerlessness. He has climbed many mountains, including Mount Everest, and plans more trips to the highest peaks around the world, all without the use of prosthetics, an incredible feat.

Top 6 Unique Mountain Climbers: You Can Do It in a Wheelchair!

John Maggi was confined to a wheelchair due to polio. In his first 50 years, he didn’t even know what it meant to walk, but since then, he has been able to try it with the help of bionic legs. In 2015, the man made a successful trip in the Himalayas with a hand-powered wheelchair designed for sports. During the 15-day tour, the man went up to the highest point, as far as he could go with the wheelchair. Reaching the height of 5,600 meters was a real physical and mental challenge for him, but he did it!

The Only Blind Person to Climb the Seven Highest Peaks

In 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the only blind person to climb Mount Everest. However, this is not the only record he set. In 2008, at 32, he finished the seven highest peaks of the seven continents challenge on the island of Papua New Guinea.

Erik started the challenge 13 years earlier by climbing Alaska’s McKinley Peak. As a result of a rare disease, Erik began to lose his sight at the age of 13, but he never gave up on sports. 

He started wrestling as a teenager and entered tournaments. It wasn’t long before he discovered rock climbing, replacing his sight with dexterity. Then the weekly summit challenge became his dream, with which he wanted to draw attention to an organization that helps disadvantaged people and believes that community cooperation overcomes all obstacles.

After climbing all seven mountains, Erik kayaked the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in September 2014. He knows no limit! You can check out his books and documentaries at online sportsbook sites in Japan!

Top 6 Unique Mountain Climbers – On the Top of Africa

In 2015, South African wheelchair activist Chaeli Mycroft climbed Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. A girl born with cerebral palsy is paralyzed in all four limbs. She was only nine years old when she started saving for her motorized wheelchair, and since then, she has founded a non-profit company to help children born with disabilities.

Thanks to the company and her work, thousands of young children have access to wheelchairs, hearing aids, and other medical aids. To prove that nothing is impossible, Chaeli designed a challenge that would challenge even the strongest man. Of course, all this required serious cooperation, but teamwork and helping each other helped this time as well: Chaeli reached the 5,895 meters height. 

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