Top Hyundai Employees Arrested for Gambling at Online Casinos in Korea

Hyundai Motor employees, caught gambling online during work hours, could face criminal charges

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We have already reported in our (
Hyundai Employees Caught Gambling at Online Casinos in South Korea) article that Hyundai workers were caught gambling during work hours. Now all 97 automotive workers were arrested and booked for suspicion of violating Korean gambling laws which prohibit online gambling.

Under current South Korean gambling laws no form of online gambling is permitted to operate in the country. But the car-maker’s employees found a way to gamble their money away at exclusive foreign-based online casinos in Korea. These auto workers were more like auto-whales placing bets as large as $20,000 and returning to assembly line.

In Ulsan 53 Hyundai’s auto workers were arrested and booked without detention on suspicion of online gambling. Online gambling news in South Korea learned that Ulsan Dongbu Police officials intend to issue arrest warrants for another 4 employees on charges of habitual gambling.

A police official commented: “We decided to apply for arrest warrants for some of the staff since the money at stake is huge and we need to preemptively block widespread cyber gambling.”

South Korea trails behind the rest of the world when it comes to gambling industry. While other countries seek ways to legalize and regulate gambling, South Korea forbids its citizens to gamble even when they are abroad.

Currently South Koreans can fill their gaming need at only one land-based casino, located in Kangwon Land in Gangwon Province of South Korea. The growing need to gamble at online casinos in South Korea leads to people breaking the law and taking their hard-earned cash to foreign-based operators.

Let’s hope that South Korean government addresses this problem and rethinks its position towards gambling. Regulated and taxed gaming can fill up state coffers quickly, besides providing a much needed service to citizens of the country.

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