Trump Betting Tips: Who’s Next To Be Fired?

Who will be fired next by Donald Trump

The US president Donald Trump keeps teasing that we should stay tuned for more dramatic news about his White House Staff. Of course the prevailing question is who’s next to be fired. Here’s our Trump betting tips on the shortlist.

Online betting sites in the USA give quite assuring list of staffers who are undoubtedly on the chopping block. Those who hope to not see their names popping up on that tweet at 3:00 am. The comparisons between The Apprentice and the White House have perhaps never been more apt. This month alone has seen the departure of both chief economic adviser Gary Cohn and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Our Trump betting tips suggest “You’re Fired” phrase will be often seen this year, and lots of his cabinet and advisors should be worried. For anyone who wants to follow the Trump staffers’ lead and start placing bets, here’s a look at some names.

No. 1 David Shulkin

Who will Trump fire next

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin is one of the Trump administration’s lone Obama holder, and he is now on the chopping block for sure. It’s only a matter of time before we read his name at news that he was fired. He is the top candidate at Unibet Sportsbook with (2.75) odds, but why?

Latest news reports mention his disagreement with Trump on how far to go in privatizing the VA health-care system. Adding to that, his reputation is no longer well perceived by the public, after he misused taxpayer money on a sightseeing trip to Europe last year.

Trump Betting tips: No. 2 Betsy DeVos

Who will Trump fire next

Before she was even sworn in as Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos emerged as one of the most controversial members of the Trump administration. Everybody knew that the reason why she was appointed is because her family are billionaires and she is the prominent Republican donor.

The Education Secretary has been reportedly accused by online sportsbook news in the USA to lack the understanding of basic education issues. The latest proof is her inability to answer basic questions about the nation’s schools during an interview with 60 Minutes. At Unibet Sportsbook she is the second top candidate to be fired with (3.00) odds.

Last but not least: Jeff Sessions

Who will Trump fire next

Unlike the rest the Attorney General does not face any public questioning about his integrity or qualification. But he has reportedly offered to resign several times, and that’s related to his strong dispute with the President. Trump has been attacking Sessions publicly and privately for months, calling him “beleaguered” and “disgraceful”, due to Session’s stance on the Russia investigation. At Unibet Sportsbook Jeff Sessions is likely to stay with (1.15) odds as he is more defiant, while the odds are (4.50) for Trump to send that unpredictable tweet at some point this year.

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