Indian Man Puts Kids And Wife At Stake And Loses

Indian Man Puts Kids And Wife At Stake And Loses

We’ve all made errors of judgment over the years, but there are few people at a casino in India right now who can claim to have put their children and wife at stake in a game of chance, however a man called Moshin from Bulandshahr seems to have done just that and then lost, sparking off a rather unseemly chain of events.

  • Should you be allowed to put your wife at stake in a game of chance?
  • Could you use Children as poker chips or would they whinge too much?
  • Is the Panchayat system fatally flawed by backward conservative rulings?
  • Are you in danger of losing your wife if you go gambling in India?

You’d think having won against a man so stupid he’d put his wife at stake in a game of chance the winner of this dubious prize would have simply laughed it off or beaten the crap out of the fool before him, however in this case Imran decided to go to Moshin’s house to claim his winnings. Oddly Moshin’s wife made a fuss about this and called the village council or Panchayat, and if you’re Indian gambling laws of common sense were upheld you’re obviously from somewhere more progressive.

Man Who Put Wife At Stake Goes On The Run

Awarding Imran one of Moshin’s estranged children (his wife and he separated years ago) the village council demonstrated they’re beyond incompetent and forced the wife to begin a police case against Moshin who had, rather sensibly after putting his kids and wife at stake and lost, absconded. Police are combing every poker room in India looking for him and even sites providing online gambling in India have joined in the search. Police are investigating five other men as contributing to the offenses.

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