Trump Foreign Policy Specials on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal

Trump to bring Peace to the Middle East

When Donald Trump was elected US president in November 2016, he promised to bring peace to the Middle East in due couple of years. Should we hold our breath for the dealmaker Donald Trump? What kind of Trump foreign policy specials bookmakers offer?

If you are a fan of politics, it will be quite difficult to find Trump foreign policy specials at online gambling sites in the US. Most of the bookies do not have such special bets at all, except 1xBet Sportsbook that offers (67) odds for Trump to succeed in what all US presidents have been unable to do for decades, and that is to bring a long-term settlement between Israel and Palestine in 2018. Why would the Trump administration raise hopes that his inexperienced policy team can seal the deal where others have failed?

Trump Foreign policy specials are unpredictable

Online sportsbook news in the US agree that Donald Trump has unorthodox personality, and he is the man who could wake up one morning and decide to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, or he could propose new plan and make “The deal of the century” in Middle East.

During the past two years, Donald Trump has shown not only great flexibility in foreign policy, but also in domestic issues. He has shown an unprecedented ability to reverse himself. Best case to testify is his unending wave of firing his most trusted aides. So would he surprise us with a type of deal nobody thought about in Middle East?

The type of plan that Trump has for now

Trumps in Israel

Trump’s thoughts on how a peace could happen and would look like, is utterly difficult to grasp. During his first year in the office he proposed a policy to be in line with Europe’s standard inside-out approach (Israeli-Palestinian peace first, Israeli-Arab normalization later), which was also shared by Obama administration. Later on, he seemed to prefer outside-in approach, especially after his friendly visits to Saudi Arabia.

He has been also changing his position in the debate on key final status between Israel and Palestine such as the settlements, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, and the establishment of two states, according to online sportsbook news in the US. So how could Trump broker a deal without settling on a clear point of view?

To seal the deal Trump needs to repair the trust

Diplomatically the Israeli-Palestinian relationship is at its lowest ebb in ages. Trump administration thought recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would ultimately push the process forward. Yet following several months of Trump’s announcement Israeli-Palestinian negotiations does not look like any more likely.

For now, there is only one thing we know for sure about Trump foreign policy specials in Middle East: regardless of the distrust between conflicting parties, The white house insists a peace plan is still on the agenda and it will be released this year. Thus if the plan will be implemented it will end the status quo, which could either deepen the conflict or bring peace once and for all. Do you think Trump will fix the problem or make it worse in Middle East?

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