How Good Is He? Neymar Season Betting Specials

Neymar season betting specials

There’s no doubt Brazil’s number 10, Neymar, is among the best football players today. It is no coincidence, after all, that, with his EUR 220 million fee for transferring from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, he is the most expensive athlete in the world. But is he good enough for you to place money on him on the Neymar season betting specials?

Online sportsbook sites in Brazil have opened betting specials on the different feats the 26-year-old top player is expected to achieve in the 2018 World Cup. Although Neymar suffered a serious foot injury in February, he is reported to have healed and has already started training for the World Cup. He is optimistic, saying that the long absence allows him to arrive at the tournament well-rested. With that in mind, let us take a look at Neymar’s season betting specials.

Will Neymar have the highest goal record in the World Cup?

Out of the three Neymar season betting specials, internet sportsbook sites in Brazil consider Neymar’s becoming the top scorer of the tournament the likeliest to happen. However, the 10/1 odds still promise a decent return if Brazil’s greatest hope finds the net more often than anyone else in the World Cup.

He scored four goals in the previous World Cup, which only earned him a third place on the podium (the top scorer, with six goals, was James Rodríguez, who so far does not seem to be as threatening this season as he did in 2014). Let us not forget, however, that he was kneed in the back in the quarter-finals and was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra after he was removed from the pitch on a stretcher.

Neymar season betting specials

Had Neymar been able to play against Germany, he might have managed to shake the net and would have helped Brazil avoid their devastating 1-7 loss. The upcoming World Cup will decide whether the infamous injury robbed him of a Golden Boot award four years ago.

Player of the Tournament

Neymar is, of course, not only a direct threat to goalkeepers but causes concern for the opponent by his excellent playmaking skills. He will need to shine in all aspects of the game if he wants to become the player of the entire tournament, for which the odds are 12/1.

That he is not selfish is nicely demonstrated by his response to a question about the players he thinks could have a breakthrough at the World Cup: he named teammates Coutinho and Jesus among his picks. Efficient as these two are, it is basically unimaginable that they will overshadow Neymar’s performance. His individual talent and playmaking abilities guarantee that he will be one of the key players in the tournament, and he could easily prove to be the best player.

Hat trick: wishful thinking or a realistic Neymar season betting special?

Scoring three goals in a single match is an enormous challenge even for top players, but if anyone is capable of such a feat, it’s Neymar. He has done it in the past on several occasions, both in the Champions League and wearing the colors of his national team. Is he about to add another hat trick to his list in a World Cup?

The betting odds for that to happen are also 12/1. The group stage offers the greatest chance for Neymar as Group E is relatively weak. Brazil will go against Costa Rica, Serbia, and Switzerland. The latter in particular might fall prey to Neymar’s spectacular technique, so if you are planning on betting on this category, make sure not to miss the two teams’ match on June 17.

Do you like any of the above-discussed Neymar season betting specials? You can support Brazil’s most gifted player by betting on his next feats at BetVictor Sportsbooks.

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